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Dr Rohit Arora

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Frequently Asked Questions about dental-surgeon and related Diseases

Why should you visit a dental surgeon?

Visiting a dental surgeon is extremely important to maintain healthy teeth. Healthy teeth are highly linked with the overall health of the body. A dentist visit helps prevent tooth decay, mouth and gum diseases. It helps detect unnoticed problems or oral abnormalities which may lead to severe infection and complete teeth loss.

What are the signs and symptoms of the dental problem?

There are a variety of signs and symptoms that show you have tooth and gum diseases such as bad breath that lasts long, red or swollen gums, tender or bleeding gums, painful chewing, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, receding gums, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, tooth erosion, toothache, mouth sores, jaw pain, dry mouth etc.

What causes dental diseases?

Ranging from personal habits to poor nutrition to certain illnesses, there are uncountable numbers of factors that cause dental diseases. Some of the most common causes include- poor brushing, poor oral hygiene, excessive consumption of sugary drink, chewing tobacco, smoking, hormonal disorder, diabetes, genetic susceptibility, bacterial infection, age, etc.

What is gum disease?

Gum diseases, also known as gingivitis is one of the top causes of tooth loss. Gingivitis can occur at any age that causes receding gum and root decay. Redness, swelling, bleeding, receding gum, bad breath, loose teeth, plaque formation, and ulcer are some common indicator of gum diseases.

What causes dental cavities?

A dental cavity is such a painful teeth condition that no one ever wants to experience. The cavity can cause serious damage to whole teeth and even the neighboring teeth if not treated at right time. There are a number of factors that cause a cavity. Consuming excess sugary drinks or snacks, poor oral hygiene, plaque formation, and dry mouth are some top factors to look out for.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is performed to prevent further damage to infected teeth. It is performed to remove the infected tooth nerve and pulp to seal the tooth with a ceramic material to retain the tooth. On experiencing severe tooth pain, gum swelling, hot and cold sensitivity, deep cavity or traumatic dental injuries your doctor may recommend you root canal treatment.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant treatment is a revolutionary tooth replacement surgical procedure. In this treatment procedure, an artificial anchor is positioned into the jawbone to hold a replacement or a missing tooth.

How can you consult the best dental surgeon through doctoriduniya.com?

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