Blood cancer

Blood cancer is a Hematologic malignancy that affects bone marrow, blood, and lymph nodes. Blood cancer, in many cases, starts within the bone marrow. Bone marrow is the inner hollow spongy part of long bones. Blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. Blood cancer happens when blood cells with abnormality start developing in the bone marrow in an uncontrolled manner. The sudden formation of uncontrolled blood cells leads to underdeveloped and immature cells. These immature cells are not a...

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Childhood leukemia

Leukemia — Cancer of blood is called Leukemia. It develops in the bone marrow. Bone marrow is a soft inner part of the bone (such as thigh and hip bone) where new RBC, WBC & Platelets are formed. As we know, bone marrow also produces WBC or Leucocytes. As soon as the number of mature WBC is enough, then the body sends a signal to stop new cells’ formation. But in Leukemia, these newly formed cells stay immature for a long time. Consequently, the body cannot send any signa...

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Keto diet

The traditional way of losing weight The traditional method includes burning excess calories by doing regular exercise. In this method, plenty of protein & fiber-rich food is taken. Protein also plays a vital role in the feeling of fullness and reducing hunger. Food and drinks rich in calories like junk food and Sugary drinks are avoided. In this diet, fat and dairy products are less entertained. Glucose present in our blood is a prime source of energy. Cells of the body burn glucose to c...

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wellness therapy

What is wellness? Wellness is a combination of good physical and emotional health sustained by a healthy lifestyle. It is related to our nutrition, physical, mental health, spirituality, lifestyle, culture, and relationships. Components of Wellness include The wholehearted approach to work up to the best of one’s capabilities. Ability to adapt and adjust accordingly A feeling of harmony and togetherness Too much of a busy lifestyle increases the stress resulting in various phys...

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Back pain

Back pain or stiff back is one of the most common problems now, which can sometimes be very frustrating. One has to know the reasons for back pain before going for the remedy. Causes There can be many causes for back pain, but the following are the 5 most common back pain causes. Muscular or spinal ligament strain: Muscular or spinal ligament strain can cause by sudden jerky movements. Sports injury or trying to lift heavyweight with the wrong posture can also cause a muscular spr...

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Arthritis Joint Pain

  Inflammation of joints is called arthritis. There use to be cartilage protection at the joint of two bones. Arthritis involves degeneration of protective cartilages. In the absence of cartilage protection, ligaments and tendons work harder. If there is a loss of cartilage protection at the joint, then it leads to the rubbing of bones causing swelling and inflammation due to friction. There are three types of arthritis 1) Osteoarthritis: This is a type of degenerative diseas...

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Prediabetes is a condition where the blood sugar is higher than usual but not higher enough to be classified as Type 2 diabetes. If it goes unchecked, it will lead to type 2 diabetes and related medical complications. The larger population has prediabetes who have not been diagnosed and will be having diabetes very shortly within 5 to 8 years if they do not make significant lifestyle changes. 10% of the world population suffered from diabetes. Around 85 million adults have prediabetes in the...

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heart attack

  Most of the time, coronary heart disease is more than 25% higher than any other season like summer, spring, or rainy. The chances of a patient getting a heart attack or cardiac disorders also increases manifold by lack of proper assistance and knowledge. In various studies, approximately 27-degree Centigrade is the temperature at with chances of heart attack is lower. And with each degree of falling weather, luck of Heart attack increases by 3%, so you have a higher chance of hea...

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dry eyes

  Have your eyes been feeling irritated or dry? Have you been experiencing gritty, sticky, or burning sensation in your eyes? Or your eyes were red, or watery? 17–20% of the world population regardless of age, lifestyle, or occupation, suffers from this disease. Aging people and women after menopause are more affected by this disease. An increase in computer or screen time is also causing various symptoms of this disease. What keeps our eyes regular and lubricated? There are sma...

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respiratory diseases

  Respiratory disease is a term that includes many infective disorders in living organisms that impair respiration. Respiration in higher organisms makes the circulatory system possible. Respiratory disorders can affect breathing-related structures and organs, including the nasal cavities, pharynx (or throat), larynx, trachea (or windpipe), bronchi and bronchioles, lung tissues, and the respiratory muscles of the chest cage. For three primary reasons, the respiratory is the center of ma...

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