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We eat food to give our body proper and required nutrients and energy so that it can perform its functions. What if, you do not feel hungry or you experience loss of appetite? Loss of appetite refers a condition in which you do not feel an urge to eat. This could be dangerous as well as an alarming situation and it might lead various medical health conditions. Not eating timely and required food makes our body deprived of various necessary nutrients and minerals. This condition affects our body in both way-physically and psychologically. So it becomes important for us to know the exact causes behind it. Here we are enlisting some factors that trigger loss of appetite. Let us know more in details.

1. Stress- Stress has so much to do with the loss of appetite. When you are stressed out over a long duration your brain produces certain chemicals that hamper your digestion process and also makes your heart beat faster.


2. Medications- Certain medicines also reduce the hunger. Medicines that cure depression, migraine, high blood pressure, heart diseases can greatly affect your appetite.


3. Cold or Flu- When you suffer from cold or flu, you feel tired and do not want to eat. Eating less while you are sick makes the condition worst and invites further health problems.

4. Hypothyroidism- When your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, your body slows down all its function. This condition leads to fatigue and loss of appetite.


5. Migraine- Migraine is a condition in which you go through severe pain in head especially on one side. This condition also leads to nausea and vomiting. It can also hamper your appetite.


6. Anemia- Anemia is a condition in which your body becomes deprived of healthy red blood cells. When your body becomes RBC deficient you feel enervated, tired and weak and may feel the loss of appetite.


7. Cancer- One of the main side effects of the cancer is the loss of hunger. People who are on medications or on treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy are at great risk of it.


8. Aging- Aging is also one of the main factors behind loss of appetite. Older people usually have lesser appetite than youngers. There may be various reasons behind it such as lack of energy to cook, lack of interest in foods, medical conditions, depressions, and loneliness.


9. Diabetes- If you are diabetic and you are not managing it well then you may feel the loss of appetite. You should talk to your doctor as it may lead complicated problems.


10. Depression- Depression can make you less hungry. It triggers the brain to produce hormones that cause loss of appetite. If you are depressed for a long you may lose interest in cooking and eating.






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