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Cancer is a deadly and life threatening health problem that kills millions of people each year. It has become the reason of high mortality rate in the world.

There is no single food that can prevent cancer, but the right combination of foods can make a difference. Here is a list of foods that can surely prevent the risk of developing cancer.

1. Fresh Fruits and vegetables-

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. These nutrients lower your risk of cancer. In another way, it helps you maintain a healthy body weight. Because excess weight increases the risk for multiple cancers such as kidney, colon, and esophagus. Eat plenty of vegetables, especially dark-green, red and orange vegetables.

2. Tomatoes- According to research eating tomatoes decreases the risk of cancer. The pigment that gives tomato the red color has cancer-fighting potential. You should indulge more tomato product in form of juice, sauce or paste in your diet.

3. Green tea- Green tea has anticancer potential. In some studies, it is clearly proven that it prevents colon, liver, breast and prostate cancer. It also has potential to prevent skin, lung and stomach cancer.


4. Purple and red grapes- Purple and red grapes have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills damage cells that can trigger cancer.

5. Water– Drinking plenty of water also decreases the risk of bladder cancer. Drinking more water helps you urinate more often and washes out all toxins and bad chemicals from the body.

6. Beans- Beans are extremely good for the body. It helps fight cancer. Beans contain some chemicals that prevent the body from developing tumors. It also slows down the tumor growth and prevents tumors from releasing substances that can trigger cancer.

7. Cabbage- Cabbage contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Cabbage is a food that has potential to prevent cancer.It has also digestive benefits and ulcer healing properties. 

8. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables- You should eat plenty of green vegetables as these are full of nutrients. These nutrients contain fiber, folate that helps protect against various cancer of mouth, pancreas, lung, skin, and stomach.

9. Turmeric- Turmeric is considered as a potential cancer fighter. It is an important ingredient of Indian spice. It kills the growth of the cancerous cells. It has potential to prevent breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer.

10. Garlic- Garlic has potential to reduce tumor growth. It prevents cancer because of its antibacterial property. It also kills the cancerous cell and stops them from spreading. It also kills the growth of the tumor.


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