10 Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration,you must know.

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You may drink water but have you ever thought whether you are having an adequate amount of water to perform body function properly or not. We know that there are various health benefits which are associated with water but we do not keep eye on our water intake and sometimes ignorance leads to dehydration. Having required water help you maintain a healthy body weight, energize your muscles, boost your immune system, keep your skin clear and shiny, and help keep your digestive system running smoothly. On the other hand, dehydration can cause various dangerous medical conditions. Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 people are suffering from water deficit. Our body constantly alerts through some symptoms that your body is dehydrated.
Here are some symptoms of dehydration that indicate you are not drinking enough water.
1. Chronic Fatigue- When your body becomes dehydrated your blood becomes thicker as blood are mainly made up of water. Your heart has to work hard and spend more energy to keep oxygen running throughout the circulatory system. So if you feel tired and enervated throughout the day without any other reasons, drinking more water could be the solution.
2. Loss of memory and concentration– Dehydration can severely affect your concentration and memory power. Due to dehydration your blood flow decreases and your brain does not get enough oxygen and nutrients to perform its function at full capacity. So if you observe lack of concentration and loss of memory more frequently, you should start drinking more water.

3. Light-headedness, lose consciousness or dizziness- When you get dehydrated your brain does not get enough oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to brain you may experience dizziness or light-headedness.
4. Frequent headache- Frequent occurrence of headache can be the result of your dehydration. Lack of oxygen and increase in blood pressure are the perfect combination to cause headache. If you experience frequent headache try to consume more water to lessen the strain on your brain.


5. Frequent changes in mood or Irritability- Dehydration can make people unusually moody and easily iriitated. Lack of water negatively effects on your brain and other organs. It can also cause hormone imbalance, depression, anxiety and mood disorders.
6. Stomach Pain or Ulcers- Drinking enough water prevent you from various gastrointestinal problems. Dehydration can cause severe acidity that may lead to abdominal pain and even ulcer.


7. Constipation or Poor Digestion- One of the most common and painful symptoms is constipation or poor digestion. Your body needs enough water to properly process the food. Dehydration slows down the digestion process which causes constipation, gas and poor digestion.
8. Urinary Tract Infections- Dehydration will reduce your urge to urinate. Lack of urination provides bacteria more time to replicate and grow inside of your bladder or urethra and cause urinary tract infections. If you observe dark colored urine, you should start drinking more water.
9. Muscle Cramps and Joint PainYour body needs enough water to keep it cool and perform its function. When you get dehydrated your muscles and joint will overheat and starts to cramp. Keep your body dehydrated to prevent muscle cramps and joint pain.

10. Itchy Dry Skin- Itchy and dry skin, dandruff , chapped lips are the common symptoms of dehydration. So start drinking water as soon as you observe these symptoms.


If you experience these symptoms, you may need to consult your doctor as well as boost your water intake.


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