6 Chronic Health Problems You Can Get After 50

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Do you know as you age, your likelihood of getting chronic diseases increases? Aging leads to various medical conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, and depression. When you age,your body goes through various changes. These changes may occur in your cells or in your organs, that leads to changes in its functions or in its appearance. If you are 50 or above 50 you should be aware of the diseases and its symptoms that can adversely attack on your health. Here we are listing chronic diseases and its symptoms that may attack you sooner or later and the ways to outsmart them.
1. Diabetes-
Diabetes is one of the more frequently occurring diseases. If you are above 45, your chance of developing it increases. Diabetes can be serious as it leads to further chronic medical conditions such heart failure, kidney diseases and vision problems.Diabetes makes people petrified as they consider it as a death sentence. But, it is not like that healthy and important changes in your lifestyle can be a great way to tackle it. You should consult your doctor to get your blood sugar level checked.
2. High Blood Pressure-
High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent killer. Approximately 2 in 3 adults over 50 have hypertension. If you have diagnosed with high BP you are more susceptible to get chronic heart diseases and stroke. Exercise regularly, quit smoking, maintain your weight, stress less and eat healthy, find ways to deal depression.
3. Heart Disease-
Heart disease is one of the most silent and killing diseases among all. When you age plaque buildup in your arteries that cause heart diseases.
4. Osteoarthritis-
As you age, your sedentary lifestyle, your medical conditions, lack of physical activity, diabetes and overweight increase your chances of getting joint and bone diseases. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are the common and painful medical conditions that most people over the of age 45 suffer. Genetics and your lifestyle play an important role in developing them. Eat a healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. Regular exercise and walking also helps prevent them.
5. Cancer-
Age is one of the vital factors to develop cancer. Your chances of getting cancer increases with your age. You cannot control your age but you can adopt the healthy practice to make your body healthy and disease free. Quit smoking, say no to alcohol and sedentary lifestyle. Indulge more in physical activity and exercise. Walk whenever you can.
6. Dementia-
One in 9 people suffer from dementia after crossing age 50. Dementia is defined as a decline in mental ability that affects day to day activities. Dementia is a disease that can not be cured. But a healthy diet and lifestyle management might help.
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