6 Reasons Why You Should Start ExercisingToday

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Are you also one of them who find it really hard to drag yourself to the gym early in the morning? Do you lack motivation and willpower to achieve fitness goal? Every time you plan to visit the gym but end up with wasting time online or watching TV shows. Do you have endless excuses that are holding you back from building muscles? The chances are that these reasons or dumb excuses might be stopping you from achieving quality, healthy and balanced life. We have piled up some important benefits that would surely motivate you to start working out today.

1)Helps produce happy hormones-
According to a study done by a Penn State University, it has been proved that people who exercised were found to be the happy people in compared to those who didn’t. As science suggests that exercise has been closely linked to an increase in the level of happy hormones. It has also been proved that people who are more physically active feel better. 

2)Reduces risk of heart attack-
Exercising has been linked to reduced cardiovascular diseases. It improves blood circulation which results in reduced blood clot and blockages. It helps heart being in shape. It helps people maintain healthy weight hence reduces the chances of various diseases that have been linked to heart. It helps manage stress and anxiety thus reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

3)Bring on good sleep at night- 
Exercise strengthens circadian rhythms which helps in bringing sound sleep. It improves sleep quality; sleep amounts, reduces stress and relieves anxiety. It works as a natural therapy for insomnia and also prevents from various sleep disorders.

4)Helps manage anxiety and depression-
If you feel tired, stressed and depressed then exercising is best remedy for you. Exercise has been linked to drop in fatigue level, stress and anxiety. It improves alertness, stabilize good mood and improves sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

5)Works as energy booster- 
Feeling sluggish and sleepy throughout the day? Go and workout. Yes, workout has magical effect on your health. It gives you instant energy by raising endorphin (natural hormones) level. It helps move oxygen throughout the body and pump your blood efficiently.

6)Improves strength and flexibility-
Exercise improves muscle strength and muscle mass. It improves flexibility hence reduces the chances of various auto immune diseases. It highly decreases the chances of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. It also acts as a natural therapy for certain bone problem.
"Be Informed , Be Healthy"

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