6 Simple Cancer Prevention Tips You Must Follow

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If you’re concerned about your health and want to prevent yourself from life-threatening diseases you should adopt some simple lifestyle changes. Following some simple and healthy tips can keep you at bay from cancer.

1. Don’t use tobacco-

Smoking or eating tobacco causes various types of cancer such as lung, mouth, throat, larynx, pancreas, and kidney.Second-hand smoking has also been linked to getting various cancers.


2. Eat a healthy diet-

Your diet plays an important role in making or breaking your health status. You should focus on healthy eating rather than depending on junk food. Eat lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Avoid consuming alcohol as much as possible.


3. Maintain a healthy weight-

Maintaining a healthy weight lowers the chance of developing various types of cancer. So if you are obese, you should be worry and work on it.

4. Be physically active-

3o minutes of physical activity also keep you away from various health problems. The sedentary lifestyle is one the vital cause of various chronic diseases.

5. Get regular preventive medical examination-

Regular self-exams and screenings help you discover cancer earlier and also increases the chances of the success of its treatment. If you have a family history of cancer you should consult your doctor for the further predictive test.

6. Get immunized-

Immunization prevents you from various types of viral infections that can further lead to cancer. Talk to your doctor about immunization.

Danger signals that show initial symptoms of cancer-

1. A persistent sore- If you have sores that are persisting more than a few days in your mouth, lip or on a tongue, you should consult your doctor. A long standing sore if not taken care of, can develop into cancer.

2. Lumps or masses-

Lumps or masses that appear inside or outside of your body should also be taken as a suspect and should be consulted with doctors.

3. Unexplained or abnormal bleeding from any body opening.

4. Persistent indigestion or change in bowel habits.

5. Persistent hoarseness or cough.

6. Unexplained weight loss.

 Take Care Of Your Body, It Is The Only Place You Have To Live In.


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