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According to researchers, cinnamon comes under the most powerful spices that has been used from decades. It does not only contain warm and sweet taste but also has tremendous health benefits. It has been linked to its medicinal and health promoting properties because of its high antioxidant level. It is enriched with compounds and nutrients which help boost your immunity, prevent cardiovascular issues, cancer, fight diabetes, allergies and promote skin and cognitive health.



Know why you should include cinnamon in your diet. Listing some health benefits of it-

1. High antioxidant property- Cinnamon has more than 40 protective compounds with antioxidant properties. It slows down the aging process, helps prevent brain disorder, cancer and other medical conditions. It helps prevent oxidative-stress which causes heart problems and neuro-degenerative problem.



2. High anti-inflammatory property- Cinnamon has high anti-inflammatory properties which help prevent heart problems, cancer and brain function decline. It prevents virus and bacterial infection. It also plays an important role in repairing tissue damage.


3. Promote heart health- Cinnamon helps lower the cholesterol level and high blood pressure hence reduces the risk of common heart disease. It prevent the occurrence of stroke and improves blood circulation.It helps repair tissue damage and also prevent blood clot.


4. Fight Diabetes- Cinnamon has commonly been used for its anti-diabetic effect.It helps balance blood sugar level and improve insulin level in diabetic. Cinnamon reduces the glucose level in the bloodstream. It lowers bad cholesterol and prevent cardiac problems which are the common complications of diabetes.


5. Protect Brain Function Decline- Its antioxidant properties help prevent neuro-degenerative problems. It help prevents the risk of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.


6. Prevent cancer- Cinnamon prevents the development of cancerous tumor growth and fights against damaged cell. Adding cinnamon to your plate can work wonder in long run.


7. Promotes dental health- Cinnamon has been linked to anti bacterial properties which promotes dental health.It reduces the risk of mouth infections, bad breath,tooth decay and cavities. It also helps in treating  mouth sores and toothache.






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