7 Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore

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Women are always found busy in taking care of everybody else, but when it comes to their health, they barely give attention.While working for household chores or office work they forget to give attention to their health. We know that our body continuously gives warning signs or shows symptoms and alert you that it requires medical attention.But we tend to ignore it due to lack of awareness or knowledge. 70% of the disease can be cured if they are diagnosed early. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of and not ignore the symptoms. Here we are listing some symptoms women should not ignore.
1. Fatigue- We usually feel fatigue after a long day of work. But we also feel rejuvenated after taking proper sleep.But in case, if your fatigue continues to persist even after proper rest.You should surely consult your doctor.As excessive tiredness could be the reason of your medical problem.It might be due to depression, liver failure,anemia, kidney failure, diabetes, thyroid disease, hypothyroidism or heart disease.
2. Headache- Your headache could be the result of stress but a frequent headache may indicate some serious medical condition. It can be due to a migraine but it may also be the symptoms of some brain disorder. So if your headache continues to persist, consult an experienced doctor.
3. Bleeding in stool- Bleeding in the stool should not be taken lightly and ignored. It could be the symptoms of various health problems such as ulcers, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease,intestinal cancer or rectal cancer. So in case if you also experience this symptom consult your doctor as soon as possible.
4. Pain in the abdomen- Pain in the abdomen can be due to acidity but if pain continues for more than a week, you are also experiencing loss of appetite, an urge to urinate more often and persistent tiredness. You should surely consult your doctor as these symptoms may occur due to colon cancer or ovarian cancer.
5. Chest pain- Chest pain should also not be taken lightly as it may be due to cardiac disease. If your chest pain continues for the longer period of time consult your trusted cardiologist as it could be the early warning of a heart attack.
6. Breast lumps- Breast lumps can be deadly and life threatening if not diagnosed on time. So it is extremely necessary to be aware of it. If you notice a lump in the breast or the red or purple spot(discoloration). You should consult your doctor immediately and seek medical guidance as it can be due to breast cancer.
7. Joint pain- Joint pain is more common in women than men. If you are experiencing persistent pain in legs or swelling, redness on the legs you should consult your doctor as it may be due to arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, kidney or liver disease.
These symptoms may seem trivial and ignorable but it might be due to some serious medical condition.Hence it is important to keep an  eye on any changes occur in the body to prevent long term consequence.
                                         "STAY INFORMED, STAY HEALTHY"

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