Added sugar consumption increases your risk of early death. Know how?

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Added sugar consumption increases your risk of early death. Know how?

Are you fond of sweets? Do you crave for sweet dishes? Is your refrigerator is overloaded with foods that are high in sugar? If yes, then there is bad news for you. Excessive sugar consumption can increase the chances of early death. Yes, you read it right. Sugar is bad for your health. According to top health experts, it has been found that it can cause adverse effects from your head to toe.

Excessive consumption of sugar makes people more prone to develop a list of health conditions. It has been linked with diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, gut problems, liver diseases, and various forms of cancer. You might be surprised to know that added sugar consumptions appear to increase the risk of 24 different types of cancers. In which breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and abdominal cancer are the most prominent ones. It may also adversely impact your brain function. So, if you are one of them who use excess sugar, you are warned to use them sparingly.

Here are top reasons why you should quit consuming added sugar.

1) Can cause obesity-

Obesity or overweight has been linked with excess sugar consumption. People have become more inclined towards the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks and processed foods and that is thought to be a main culprit of obesity.

2) Increased risk of heart attack

Past evidence states that added sugar consumption makes you more vulnerable to develop serious heart conditions. Consuming too much sugar causes obesity, inflammation in body which in result increases the risk of heart diseases.  

3) Can cause pimples/acne

Girls if you are looking for the solution for your acne. Do reduce your sugar consumption. Foods with high sugar and carbs are found to be one of the main reasons of pimples and acne. It is found that added sugar triggers the hormones that may cause pimple to occur.

4) Can cause Diabetes

You must have heard people saying that too much sugar consumption can leave you with diabetes. You heard them right. Excessive sugar consumption has been associated with high risk for diabetes. Added sugar can make you overweight and disturb insulin resistance, which are considered as the strongest factors for diabetes.

5) Increased risk of Cancer

Added sugar can highly increase your chances of developing cancer. Excessive sugar consumption causes insulin resistance, inflammation and obesity, all of which increase the risk of 24 different types of cancers.

6) May Trigger Depression

Researchers found that high sugar consumptions appear to be the strongest risk factor for depression. People who consume more sugary foods are found to be more depressed than those who don’t.

7) May Accelerate Aging

Consuming foods high in sugar accelerate aging. Regardless of your age, added sugar can make you look older than your age. They may cause wrinkles and speed up the skin aging process.

8) Increased chronic fatty liver disease

Scientists have blamed added sugar to be the number one cause for non alcoholic sugar. High sugar consumption increases the builds up of fat which in result cause fatty liver disease.

You can highly reduce your chances of developing illness by cutting down the sugar consumption. 

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