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Consumption of alcohol is extremely common in India. It has become one of the leading causes of life threatening diseases and deaths all over the globe. According to WHO one fourth of male population consumes it and the numbers are on the verge of growing.
Alcohol causes the number of health issues such as liver cirrhosis, heart diseases, and diabetes.
What is alcohol use disorder? 
Alcohol use disorder which is also called alcoholism is associated with frequent consumption of alcohol in spite of causing severe harm to the body. In this disorder, the appetite continues to grow even after drinking higher amount.
Symptoms of alcohol use disorder-
Its symptoms can be mild, moderate and severe which includes-
• Being unable to cut down your alcohol consumption.
• You want to limit your consumption, but you fail
• Feeling a strong urge to drink alcohol
• Increased absenteeism on job or work
• Using alcohol while driving or swimming
• You feel sweating or shaking when you do not drink.
• Slurred speech
• Difficulty in concentration
• Poor logical and decision-making abilities
Drinking alcohol can also lead to –
1. Death
2. Accidents
3. Coma
4. Drowning 
5. Fighting 
6. Suicide
Causes of Alcohol abuse disorder- 
1. Genetic or family history.
2. Psychological
3. Social and environmental factors 
4. Stressful environment
5. Drinking at an early stage
Complications of alcohol abuse disorder-
Alcohol depresses your central nervous system.Excessive consumptions of alcohol can cause severe and dangerous health problems, such as-
1. Liver disease
2. Digestive problem
3. Heart problem
4. Increased risk of diabetes
6. Bone problem
7. Neurological complications
8. Weakened immune system
9. Increased risk of cancer
When to seek help-
If you feel that you started drinking too much and it is causing the problem. Talk to your family or doctor.
1. It also adversely Impact on your safety
2. Increase number of accidents
3. Relationship problems
4. Poor performance at work or school
5. Increased chances of committing violent crimes
6. Legal problems or problems with employment or finances
7. Problems with other substance use
8. Increased risk of attempted or completed suicide
                                                   "BE INFORMED, BE HEALTHY"


Alcohol and Health

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