An Inspirational Story that will motivate you too- The story of a woman who reversed her disease.

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Hi, I am Priya, 28 years old working women, who was thriving in her life and maintaining healthy work-life balance. But before few months ago, I and the people around me started observing changes as I gained a lot of unexplained weight, my skin became dry, I felt exhausted and tired all the time, my muscles cramped up, particularly the upper arms and thighs, struggled with acne and black patches on my skin, I started observing unwanted hair on my face, thinning hair, irregular periods, excessive bloating and pain in the pelvic region, and the list goes on. So, my life has taken a turn for the worse and my body has taken a different graph. With the passage of time, these symptoms had started wreaking havoc on my health. I started leading a terrible and challenging life that changed and disturbed my work-life balance. 
I waited for a while for the symptoms to go away by their own but my situation became worst with time and that alarmed me. Being a geek person, I started googling the causes of my symptoms on search engine. There came a list of the women’s problem, as I am not a medical person so without diving deep into the problem, I searched for the best female doctor in the city. The’s website appeared on the top resulting find best female doctor and books your online appointment. I processed further and without wasting time I booked my online appointment with city’s best and renowned doctor. I reached her clinic, consulted with doctor at scheduled time and discussed about my health status. After listening me carefully she immediately suspected PCOS i.e. Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome. She told me to go some tests to confirm it. 
I, then again contacted with, one of their representatives booked my appointment at best diagnostic centers. I got my tests done on time. The report result was difficult for me to accept as I was finally diagnosed with PCOS! I again consulted with doctor. She was very friendly and explained me that it will take at least 4 to 6 months to recover completely with proper treatment and healthy lifestyle. I was taught that timely medicine, lifestyle changes, along with healthy diet and regular exercise would reverse my symptoms. So I followed her strictly, I started taking medicines on time, included healthy foods and dairy products to my diets, consulted with dietitian who gave me the best advice, cut down my caffeine and sugar consumption, included natural herbs such as- flax seeds and methi seeds, started consuming more pulses, avoided consuming red meat, processed food and unsaturated fat, eliminated stress, started meditation and exercise. So it took 6 months to get good result and for the symptoms to disappear. 
My experience taught me that worrying is not a solution for anything! You only need to give a little effort to make your body fit. You just need to pay attention and take care of your body. By following healthy habits you can lead a disease free and healthy life.
“I do believe that you can also reverse your symptoms with positive mind and lifestyle changes.”
"Stay Informed, Stay Healthy"

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