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As soon as you wake up you experience a lot of body pain. Waking up in an early morning is a difficult task for you. You experience a regular migraine attacks. You are gaining weight.You usually experience bone pain and muscle weakness. If most of the cases also happen to you then you might be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency.
According to a study, 70% of Indians are Vitamin D deficient and most of the cases go undetected due to unawareness of its symptoms. Its deficiency is more common in females than males. Pregnant women are also at greater risk of its deficiency. If the deficiency is not addressed on time it can lead to serious problems like osteoporosis, heart-related problems, rickets (weakening of bones) or diabetes. Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D and rest of the vitamin D is obtained from the food.
These are the common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency-
1. Low immune system
2. Fatigue or tiredness
3. Back Pain
4. Weak Bone
5. Bone loss
6. Hair loss
7. Muscle pain
8. Weakness
These are common risk factors for vitamin D deficiency-
1. Having dark skin
2. Being elderly.
3. Being overweight or obese.
4. Not eating much fish or milk.
5. Lesser Sun Exposure
6. Always using sunscreen when going out.
7. Staying indoors.
8. Your kidneys can’t synthesize your body’s Vitamin D
9. Weak stomach
These are the Health Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency-
1. Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
2. Cancer
3. High Blood Pressure
4. Diabetes
5. Trouble focusing or paying attention
6. Hallucinations
7. Heart  Disease
8. Severe asthma in children
What food sources are advised?
1. Mushrooms – Mushrooms can be labeled as UV-treated as they are high in Vitamin D.
2. Oranges – Oranges are also rich in Vitamin D. You can eat it or use it as a juice.
3. Curd – Do not forget to add curd to your meal.
4. Soya – Soya chunks are a great source of Vitamin D. You can use them in vegetable and salad. 
5. Egg – An egg is also rich in Vitamin D and fulfills other requirements of nutrition.
6. Fish –  Fish is the richest source of Vitamin D which should be preferably added to your diet.
Other sources of Vitamin D-
Sunlight is an excellent and natural source of Vitamin D. Your doctor may also prescribe you Vitamin D supplements, capsules or injections.
Ways to fix Vitamin D deficiency –
It is hard to detect Vitamin deficiency because its symptoms are minor and subtle. But if you think you have deficiency you should consult your doctor right away. You can also increase your sun exposure, eat more vitamin D rich food or take a supplement. Fixing simple deficiency can create a positive impact on your health.

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