Are you experiencing frequent mood changes?You might be suffering from these health problems that need to be resolved.

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Health conditions that can cause mood disorder-

Yes, there are certain medical conditions that can be directly linked to your mood disorder i.e. frequent changes in mood that interfere with everyday life. It hinders the way you think, feel act and response and may affect your life and relationship.These conditions can cause depression, stress, anxiety, less productivity at a workplace, lack of interest and so on. Conditions that may cause mood disorder includes thyroid problems, brain tumor, some form of cancer, stroke, brain injury, neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s disease) etc.It may also happen that you have one of these medical problems and you do not know it.

Here listing the problems that may cause mood disorder-

1. Thyroid Disease- There is a sayingthat the more severe your thyroid disease, the more severe the mood changes. Due to the imbalance in the hormone, you may experience the frequent mood disorder. You might get irritated, restless, anxious, depressed, tired or experience big mood swings due to the thyroid problem.You may experience difficulty in remembering things.It can have adverse and long-lasting effects on your brain if it is not treated on time.

Associated signs and symptoms of the thyroid are:

1. Frequent weight gain or loss

2. Increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

3. Digestion Problem

4. Menstrual irregularities

2. Brain Tumor- Brain tumor can alter the way you think and feel. It can change your personality, emotions,problem-solving ability and memory. It can make you forgetful and confused.

Associated signs and symptoms of brain tumor are:

1. Irritability or aggression

2. Confusion and forgetfulness

3. Apathy (lack of interest)

4. Anxiety

5. Depression

6. Mood swings

3. Some type of cancer- You may experience loss of appetite, depression, difficulty concentrating and remembering, Irritability, sudden crying or anger, loss of interest in social events and socializing, fatigue, hopelessness, upset stomach if you have some type of cancer.especially cancer in the pituitary gland, which controls your hormone level.

4. Brain Injury- After serious brain injury you may also experience severe changes in the personality. It may also change a person behavior and memory.

5. Depression- Depression is highly associated with your mood disorder. It can change the way you behave and act. It not only affects your mood but also your decision-making ability. It can make you sad, tired, irritated and angry. Its symptoms vary from person to person which includes-

1. Insomnia

2. Lack of concentration

3. Fatigue

4. Frequent mood swing

5. Hopelessness.

6. Loss of interest.

How Can a Mood Disorder Be Treated?

Treating a mood disorder due to a general medical condition can involve –

1. Medications

2. Psychotherapy

A medical condition that causes mood disorder can make life very difficult, but is here to help you. We have empanelled experienced doctors in our network who can help resolve your problems. Please call us today to find out how we can assist you.



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