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Do you know more than half of the population is suffering from genuine sleeping disorder? A sleeping disorder can cause serious issues on your mental as well as physical health.It is one of the most common causes for the medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heartburn, cardiovascular problem, kidney diseases, musculature disorders, mental health problem, neurological disorder and hormonal imbalance.It is one of the top causes for early mortality rate also.
A poor sleeping disorder has been also linked to increased anxiety level, depression, aggression, tension, lack of concentration, impaired adaptation in learning, lack of social adjustment, mood disturbance, irritability, mental issues and short temper.
There are various medical conditions that can also lead to poor sleep, it could be your arthritis problem, your never ending lower back pain, your sinus allergies, asthma problem, sleep neap or your gastrointestinal problem. So if you observe changes in your mood, difficulty falling asleep, low energy or yawning throughout the day, difficulty concentrating at workplace, difficulty in personal relationship, you should seek doctor’s consultation as you might be going through chronic sleep disorder.
Poor sleep disorder can also cause facial swelling, dry mouth, eye puffiness, blurred vision, allergic reaction, daytime drowsiness, night wandering, lack of motivation, out of energy ,colorless skin and unusual behavior. Sometimes its symptoms do not go away and may also last longer if not taken care on time. It is a condition that should not be avoided and treated on time to prevent future complications.
There are some effective ways by which you can deal with poor sleeping disorder.
1. Reduce Your stress- Your stress can keep you awake throughout the night.You can reduce your stress level by performing yoga, meditation and exercise in your day to day life.Try out another sleep inducing technique such as reading a novel or writing a journal.
2. Take a detox bath- Detox bath has been linked to much better sleep. Taking hot bath  about 90 to 120 minutes before going to bed can be effective method to induce sleep.
3. Cut down your coffee and alcohol- Cut down your coffee and alcohol consumption.Start taking a cup of milk and honey. Milk has sleeping inducing properties,which would be best for insomnia cure.
4. Change Your Lifestyle- To get sound sleep you need to change your unhealthy lifestyle.Avoid having large meals at night.Make a fixed bedtime routine.Be active throughout the day.

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