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Most of you spend 8 to 9 hours sitting down in front of the system. According to researchers, sitting for long periods of time link with a number of health issues such as increased blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and high cholesterol levels, hyperthyroidism etc. Too much sitting also increases the chances of death from various types of cancers usually lung cancer, colon cancer etc. Spending too much time in front of the system increases 50% chance of death than those who spend lesser time on system. Sitting for a long time highly increase the chance of getting heart attack and chest pain. The only solution to this problem is less sitting and more moving.

Sitting for day in and day out can be harmful and deadly for your body. Let’s know more about the problem associated with it.

1. Leads to Weak Legs – Sitting all the day long can be very much harmful and painful for your leg. Too much sitting reduces the blood circulation that leads to muscle ache, leg cramps and weak legs. Weak legs lead to excessive fatigue and tiredness even on small walk. It is truly said that If you do not use them you will lose them!


2. Leads to Weight Gain- Sitting for long duration slows down the blood flow and metabolism in the body. Moving muscles help to process body fat and sugar, sitting too much decreases the release of the molecules that burn fats hence highly increases the chances of accumulating fat.


3. Leads to chronic back pain– Spending too much time infront on the system can badly hurt your back. Sitting for the long time leads premature degeneration and chronic pain in the back.


4. Leads to Anxiety and Depression – According to a study risk of depression increases in the people who spend more time sitting down on system. Spending too much time sitting down  has some adverse mental effects.


5. Leads to risk of Cancer – People who spend more than 7 to 8 hours sitting down on system are more likely to develop cancers like ovarian cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer than others. According to research people who sit less live longer.


6. Leads to Heart Disease and diabetes risk- People who sit for longer time are highly susceptible to get heart problems than leads heart attack, stroke, chest pain, high blood pressure etc.It increases the risk of diabetes too.



7. Leads to stiff neck & shoulders– Sitting all the day long increases the muscles and joints pain.With your legs, lower back your shoulders and neck will also suffer.


Worried  ? Here are some tips

1. Take active break every hour ( set reminder)

2. Reduce time in front of screens (TV, Computer, Phone )  

3. Walk when you talk on the phone (make it a habit)

4. Don’t sit and eat your lunch (Stand and share)

5. Walk up to your colleagues instead emailing or calling

6. Take stairs instead of lift or escalators  

7. Stand on the train or bus



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