Are You Taking Aspirin Daily? Know Its Side Effects and Complication

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Millions of hypertensive patients resort to Aspirin nowadays. Aspirin has also been considered effective remedy to prevent second heart attack, stroke and some form of cancers. Patients with hypertension are at greater risk of getting heart attack and stroke. These life threatening medical conditions are often caused by the instant blood clot buildups. Aspirin is recommended to hypertensive patients as it has the ability to prevent blood clots and platelets formation in your blood vessels; as a result, it prevents heart attack and stroke. 
If you have already had previous experience of heart attack or your doctor has warned you to take preventive measures to prevent the occurrences of heart attack, stroke or hypertension. There are chances that you might be taking a pill of aspirin daily or occasionally. If you are one who is consuming an aspirin daily, you should be aware of its pros and cons. You should be aware of-what its side effects are and how to lower the risk of side effects. You should be aware of- exactly how much and how often you can consume it.
Know its potential side effects and complications if you take an aspirin everyday for a longer period. You are also recommended to take medical consultation before resorting to an aspirin regularly. 
Aspirin Side Effects and Complications-
1) Kidney Failure-
According to a research it has been confirmed that regular use of aspirin for long time can damage your kidney. Research shows that regular consumptions can cause chronic conditions that may results chronic kidney diseases. Sometimes it leads to kidney failure and may generate the need for kidney dialysis. Get best nephrologist through
2) Liver Failure-
Your liver is the largest organ of the body which performs most of the important functions of the body tirelessly. Your regular consumption of aspirin can take a toll on your liver. When you take aspirin, it is absorbed by the liver which may cause deadly liver issues and lead to liver failure. Liver is known for its detoxification work, when your body continuously receives toxins, it may stop working properly and lead to liver failure.
3. Ulcers-
Aspirin consumption has been greatly linked to complex gastroenteritis problem. It has been found out that regular consumption of aspirin lead to stomach ulcers. Excess consumption of aspirin leads to irritation, inflammation and painful stomach ulcers. It may also lead to severe complications such as bleeding ulcers.
4. Hearing Loss-
Consuming aspirin can badly affects your auditory sensations. Studies have found that in some cases it can cause hearing loss too. It affects the nerves near your ears and cause hearing loss.
5. Hemorrhagic Stroke-
In some cases, consumption of aspirin can exacerbates your problem, which may results brain damage or even death. Aspirin is given to thinning the blood and to prevent blood clot. Blood thinning aspirin may result hemorrhagic stroke. 
If you are worried about your aspirin consumption you can talk to our paneled doctors. You can visit our website to book your online appointment or call us at +91-9598072094.

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