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It is the human perception that donating blood, saves other's life and can be considered a pious work, but many of us are unaware that how beneficial it can be for ones who donate blood. Blood donation leads toward a healthy body, decreases the risk of cancer and hemochromatosis (too much iron in the body or iron disorder). It also protects the body from getting the liver and pancreas diseases. Blood Donation helps in improving cardiovascular health status and reducing body cholesterol and fat.


Blood donation should take place in a hospital or a clinic or a blood bank, under the witnesses of medical experts. it is important to ensure the health status before donating blood to donors. Donating blood can help save people suffering from cancer, iron disorders, chronic anemia and blood abnormalities. You should know that human blood cannot be manufactured, people are the only source of it and that is why it is important to donate blood and help those who in need. You can also store your own blood for your future medical needs. Make sure the blood is stored at a good blood bank.



1. Reduces Cancer Risk- Blood donation protects from the various risks of cancer. Donating blood helps in maintaining the iron level in the body.

2. Reduces obesity- Obesity is the major reason of various diseases. People may prefer blood donation as it reduces weight and balance fat in the body.

3. Boost the production of RBC- RBC are used to carry oxygen throughout the body.When you donate blood it removes RBC and iron and helps in boosting the production of new RBC.

4. Healthy heart and liver- Blood donation help keep the heart and the liver healthy as it protects from the chronic diseases caused by iron overload.

5. A short glimpse into your health- When you donate blood, you go through the small physical test, in which your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and hemoglobin are tested. you also go through some infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C etc.


Where should you go for blood donation?

If you are thinking of blood donation you can consult, as we have listed trusted and expert health professionals in our paneled network.

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