Benefits of Digital Technology in Healthcare –A Real Story

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My mother was suffering from gallbladder stone, which is one of the most common medical problems in women. Her condition was getting worse with the passage of time. Even after taking treatment from various doctors, there was no improvement found in her condition. Her level of illness was increasing with the passing of time. She had gone through different treatment and surgical process but nothing could make her condition better.One day, one of my friend came to visit me, he also met with my critically ill mother. After knowing complete  problem he suggested
Without wasting a single minute, I contacted of their call center member received my call and asked me about the problem. I told him about my mother’s condition. After properly understanding my mother’s condition, he suggested me one of the best surgeons. In a minute they booked my mother’s appointment with the best surgeon. But the problem did not end there. When I reached the hospital,I was exhausted by seeing the long queue of the patient and their attendant. It was so disturbing as my mother was not in a condition to wait for longer hours for her turn. But thanks to doctoriduniya who made it possible to consult doctor without waiting in the queue.
After observing my mother’s condition the doctor suggested various tests at different diagnostic centers. Which was again an extremely hectic and painful task to be performed. But the relief part was that the member of was continuously taking follow up of my mother’s condition. I told them about all the test that doctor had suggested. They clearly understood my problem and made my appointment ready at different centers. I brought my mother to these centers and got all test done without any delay and problem.After collecting all the reports I again visited doctor with my mother.He prescribed medicines for some days.After taking medicine,my mother started recovering.Though my mother and I gone through various difficulty level.But what really matters was the comfort and relief in my mother’s condition.I extend my sincere gratitude to the doctor and special thanks to Doctoriduniya for giving new hope and life to my mother.

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