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With doctors and hospitals offering telemedicine services to ensure social distancing in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, there has been a significant jump in the number of Indians consulting doctors online. 


However, the DoctoriDuniya has made a revolution in this to become the best online consultation with Gynecologist for menstrual health. There has been a 250 percent increase in online visits, they stated in a statement, now that much routine gynecology and prenatal care appointments have been turned into virtual visits.


Menstrual Health for woman


What are the most common gynecological conditions?

The female reproductive organs undergo constant changes during a woman's fertile life, be it during aging, menstrual or sexual activity. Some of the most common gynecological conditions that women experience are menstrual disorders, ovarian cysts, urinary incontinence, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, abnormal uterine bleeding, and vaginitis. Also, the key remedies involved in treating such problems are hysterectomy, myomectomy, and laparoscopy.


While most women never have complications from their menstrual periods, some will experience some form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Some women may have less common period problems, such as heavy bleeding, no periods, or painful periods.


Menstrual problems

Most period-related problems don't require medical attention, but your provider must monitor some symptoms to rule out more serious conditions.

● Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

● Missed or Irregular Menstrual Periods

● Painful Periods

● Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

● Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)


When it is necessary to visit a Gynecologist for Menstrual Health using DoctoriDuniya


● For adolescent girls, the onset of menstruation (called menarche) varies, although it usually occurs between 12 and 13 years of age. In two years, the menstruation of 95 percent of adolescent girls follows a regular pattern. Girls who reach menarche early also tend to regularize more quickly. For those who start their period later, the pattern can be set later and only a good Gynecologist can help you with that even in this COVID-19 period which is given by DoctoriDuniya.


● In postmenopausal women (those who have stopped menstruating), any bleeding is considered abnormal and should be consulted with a doctor who is very experienced in all these cases which are majorly provided by the DoctoriDuniyain a very best form.


Across the full range of menstrual irregularities, the goal of testing is to rule out causes that would require treatment to preserve health and allow fertility. Many of these conditions can be treated by a Gynecologist who can provide a referral, if necessary, to an appropriate specialist. 


While most irregular periods are more of a nuisance than a health threat, it is important to rule out serious conditions and treat the underlying causes. So, visit us as we give the best online consultation with Gynecologist for menstrual problems and also for many other problems as well.


Best Gynecologist Online Consultation in COVID-19 for Menstrual Health

The best gynecologist right now for all the menstrual health is DoctoriDuniya. However, let us tell you why DoctoriDuniya is the best online consultation with a gynecologist for menstrual health. The simple and basic reason behind this is our good and experienced Doctors who are always ready to work at any time for the patients even in the online consultation as well. 

NAINI is the name of your medical account that takes care of your health. You can manage your health appointments, consultations, diagnosed illnesses with medical history online from NAINI which DoctoriDuniya’s health portal. The simple reason behind this is giving our patients the utmost security for everything they experience from DoctoriDuniya.


You can check online and view or download electronic prescriptions. Even a patient from DoctoriDuniya can register free of charge in NAINI and maintain the medical account to consult online or book appointments, track the history of OPD, IPD, diseases, consulted doctors with uploaded medical records, pay the bill, and many more. So, all this indeed make DoctoriDuniya as one of the best online Consultation with Gynecologist for menstrual health.

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