Beware of harmful colors in Holi, It harms your Health

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Holi the festival of colors is celebrated in India with a lot of zest and zeal. Beautiful colours, splashes of water, and delicious sweets - the festival of colours is just around the corner Playing holi can be real fun, but not for all. Holi is played with dry as well as wet colors.  The colors used to play Holi come in different forms including pastes, dry colored powders, and watercolors. In earlier day’s Holi colours were made from flowers, berries, spices, and other organic  skin-friendly plants. But now a days holi colour’s contain toxic component’s and chemical’s which is harmful for our skin, eye & hair that causes skin allergies other diseases.

beware of holi's harmful colors

Some of the diseases Caused after playing holi with colour’s 

The risk with holi colour’s made up of synthetic, toxic component’s and industrial dyes sometimes mixed with engine oils is irritation or allergies to the skin, eye’s, hair, nails.

Besides skin and eye issues, it can cause temporary blindness, skin cancer, and can even be fatal if ingested in large enough quantities. And with the colors all over people bodies, this posed a significant problem and health risk.


Dermatitis in general terms it describes a common skin irritation. It has many causes and forms and it usually involves itchy, dry skin or a rash. Or it might cause the skin to blisters, crust and flake off. Dermatitis is not contagious, but dermatitis can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

A common cause of dermatitis is contact with something that irritates our skin or triggers an allergic reaction for example perfume, lotion and jewelry containing nickel. Other causes of dermatitis that includes dry skin, a viral infection, bacteria, stress, genetic makeup and problem with immune system 

Each and every type of dermatitis tends to occur on a different part of our body.

Signs and symptoms may include:

• Itchiness 

• Dry skin

• Rash on swollen skin that varies in color depending on your skin color

• Blisters, perhaps with oozing and crusting

• Flaking skin (dandruff)

• Thickened skin

• Bumps in hair follicles

Hair Damage

Our Hair often gets affected and undergoes weathering effects due to direct exposure to harmful chemicals, frizziness, breakage, dryness; rough unmanageable hair is often experienced. persistence of color in the hair as a red or pink green or blue tint which the person vigorously tries to remove by usage of hot water and repeated shampooing resulting in further damage.

Consult with your Dermatologist on Phone Call

Eye’s Problems 

The eye’s get infected while playing holi, redness of eye’s conjunctivitis, temporary blindness & other eye infections

Precautions while playing holi are:-

• Clothes chosen while playing holi should be preferably thick cotton garments which hampers color penetration to the skin. Cover as much of skin as possible. Usage of moisturizers, body lotion, hair oil, barrier creams and broad spectrum sunblock creams with a physical filer helps to prevent contact allergies. unblocks are helpful as certain colors have increased reactivity in presence of UV rays.These should be applied in an adequate thick film over exposed parts of body like face, arms, ears, neck, upper back and legs

• For dry hair it’s worthwhile to oil our hair before playing holi as oil coats the hair to form a protective film from the harmful chemical effects.

• Children should always be supervised while playing holi, a child skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin and has more potential for developing an allergy to the dyes.

• Always keep our eyes closed to avoid the color from going into our eyes 

• Use herbal colours to play Holi. Do not use greasy, dark pigmented colours as they can harm the skin.

• If someone have a past history of reacting to holi colors you should best stay away from it, with certain dyes exposure can result in a more severe allergic reaction to the skin and it can get worst with each re-exposure.

• People who are with preexisting skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis or extremely dry and sensitive skin they are more prone to develop allergy to synthetic holi colors.

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How to clean yourself after playing holi  :-

• First dust off all dry power if any

• Rinse off all the color’s in a shower or running water

• Always Bathe with neutral pH soap or luke warm water and moisturize the skin thoroughly after bath

• Do not try to vigorously scrub off the color as it can break down the protective skin barrier and can cause damage to our skin.Avoid use of spirit or acetone or kerosene to take off stubborn color or tint as this are strong irritants

• Hair should be washed with a shampoo followed by thorough conditioning. Leave in conditioners are preferred.

• To prevent our hair from dryness and frizz light hair oil can be applied and this can be continued for next few days. Hair dryers are best avoided.

• Consult a dermatologist in case of excessive irritation to the skin

Chemically produced Holi colours can cause many skin allergies and rashes. While most of the colours available in the market have some toxic ingredients and chemicals in them, we can choose to buy herbal colours to enjoy the festival without worrying about our skin. We can follow the aforementioned tips to keep their skin protected this Holi. We should rinse immediately with cool water if the colour enters the eye, mouth, or nose. Immediately consult a doctor in case of irritation in any of the body parts after exposure to the colour so that we can enjoy the colour’s, stay safe and can keep other’s safe too .


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