Bone Health is Important - Tips To Keep Your Bone Healthy And Strong

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Did you know one in two women and one in four men are at higher risk of getting some or the other type of bone problems during their lifetime? Owing to unhealthy lifestyle choices, reduced physical activity, nutrients deficiency, infection, external injury or damage, lack of sunshine (vitamin D), high caffeine intake, the risk of getting bone problems are quite high. Problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, and osteomalacia commonly affect millions of people during their mid-sixties to seventies, though some problems such as rickets can occur at any age especially at childhood.

Bone disorders and diseases can make your bones weak and even cause fracture at some or other point in life. So it is essential to have proper awareness and knowledge about the facts that can hurt your bones and the things that can help keep your bone health strong. Whatever you do and eat years ago make a big difference to your bone health. So, your age is just a number when it comes to preserving your bone health. Here are some simple tips by following which you can highly help keep your bones healthy and strong.

1)    Include healthy nutrients in your diets-

Healthy nutrients such as calcium, vitamins C, D and K are considered as building blocks. Our bones need these minerals in sufficient amounts to maintaining is density and weight. If your body does not get it in the required amount, it starts developing bone disorders. So it is highly recommended to add foods like green leafy vegetables, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, fish, orange, lemon, pineapples, etc to get enough calcium and vitamin c.

2)    Say no to smoking-

Smoking can wreak havoc on your bone health. It is one of the things that can worsen your bone health. According to a study, it has found that people who have been indulged in smoking have lower bone mass and a high risk of getting serious bone disorders.

3)    Cut down your alcohol consumption-

Alcohol, if taken in high quantity can have a detrimental effect on your bone health. Consuming alcohol in higher quantity decreases the bone mass and increases the risk of fracture.  Experts have also linked soft drinks with lower bone density.

4)    Get some sun shine-

Sun shine aka vitamin D is required to build bones and helps absorb calcium from the food you eat. Vitamin D is formed in the skin when your body is exposed to UV rays. It is recommended to spend at least 30 minutes in the sunlight. You may also consume vitamin D rich foods to get enough of minerals.

5)    Exercise regularly-

Exercise works wonder when it comes to maintaining healthy and strong bones. It helps keep your weight in check and prevent obesity. It strengthens your bones and keeps them functional. So whenever you get time go for a brisk walk or find some time for activities like dancing or spend some time doing yoga.

6)    Reduce caffeine consumption-

By limiting your caffeine consumption you can greatly prevent developing various bone disorders. Higher caffeine consumption may affect your calcium absorption. Aim for 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day to fight off future complications.

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