Brain Fog? Know Some Effective Ways To Deal It

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Feeling confused, distracted, and moody? Feeling like your brain is stuck in slow motion? Experiencing a loss of mental clarity? Finding it extremely difficult to put your thoughts into words? The chances are that you are experiencing a medical condition called brain fog. Brain fog is an unwanted condition that can highly alter your ability to think, focus, and concentrate. You might be shocked to know that a condition that affects your brain health is closely linked with digestive conditions. Yes, there is a direct connection between your gut and brain. Your healthy gut positively contributes to your concentrated and well-balanced mind. 
But owing to fast-paced, unhealthy, and industrialized lifestyles neither we give attention to our digestive health nor on brain health. And in results, we end up struggling with stress, low work performance, memory loss, low motivation, uneasiness, lethargy, and the list goes on. But, fortunately, brain fog can be treated and your condition can be changed and even made better by paying attention to your diet, managing stress levels, scheduling sleep hours, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, and indulging in physical activity.
Some Clinical Symptoms of Brain Fog Include-
• Low energy or fatigue 
• Irritability
• Trouble concentrating
• Headaches
• Trouble remembering things
• Low motivation and feeling hopeless 
• Confusion
• Insomnia
What Causes Brain Fog?
Lack of nutritional food, high sugar consumption, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, and caffeine overdose highly contribute to brain fog. 
Some of the natural and effective ways to treat brain fog-
1. Cut down your sugar Intake- 
Sugar has been one of the most important factors that contribute to brain fog. Initially, it seems to be a power pack of energy but in long run, it can steal your concentration, energy, and focus and leads to brain fog. Cutting back on foods packed with sugar can bring your senses back.
2. Avoid packaged and processed foods-
Packaged and processed foods have proved to be harmful ingredients for health. They do not only cause obesity but also cause harmful effects on brain health. Packed with unhealthy fats and artificial sweeteners they make you lethargic in long run and rob your energy.
3. Get Enough Protein and Healthy Fats-
A nutrient deficient body can’t support a positive and healthy mind. It is always important to provide a body with all the required nutrients to achieve good physical as well as mental health. Protein is one of the essential nutrients required by the brain to get it pumped.
4. Manage stress- 
Stress and mental health go hand in hand. Your brain should be stress-free to work efficiently. Stress distracts your concentration and makes you feel foggy. Managing your stress would be the first step toward healing brain fog.
5. Get sound sleep- 
Getting enough sleep would surely help you repair from brain fog. It also boosts your memory, improves concentration, and promotes good brain health.
6. Address Any Unknown Food Allergies-
People with food allergies are more prone to food sensitivity and are at greater risk of brain fog. Knowing what foods are causing illness and addressing those issues can resolve your problem.
 “Be Informed, Be Healthy”

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