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If you are above 40 and experiencing blurry or cloudy vision or finding problems while driving at night. Having difficulty with staring during the day or not able to see in dim light. Feeling agitation in one or both eyes and gradually losing eye vision. You should be worry about it as your eyes may have developed cataract. It is most common medical condition in adult that can be treated by your doctor.


What causes cataract?

Increasing age


Excessive exposure to sunlight



High blood pressure

Previous eye injury or inflammation

Previous eye surgery

Prolonged use of certain  medications


What are the symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of cataracts include:

Clouded, blurred or dim vision

Increasing difficulty with vision at night

Sensitivity to light and glare

Need for brighter light for reading and other activities

Frequent changes in eyeglass

Frequent changes in contact lens prescription

Fading or yellowing of colors

Double vision in a single eye


Types of cataracts

1.Cataracts affecting the center of the lens (nuclear cataracts).

2.Cataracts that affect the edges of the lens

3.Cataracts that affect the back of the lens

4.Cataracts you're born with (congenital cataracts)



1.Visual acuity test

2.Slit lamp examination

3.Retinal examination



When your prescribed glasses do not help you make your vision clear. The only way your doctor will suggest you is surgery. Cataract surgery comes under the outpatient surgery means you can go home once it is performed.


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