Cervical Cancer: Symptoms, Screening and Prevention.

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cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is the second most common form of cancer that highly affects the women. Women aged between 35 to 55 are most susceptible to develop this form of cancer. According to a report, it has been found that more than 5,10,000 cases of cervical cancer get registered every year and lead to approximately 288,000 deaths worldwide. So, the very next thing that clicks in our mind after knowing the data is that what causes cervical cancer; it can be treated or not; its symptoms and early prevention methods. Well, the answers of all the questions depend on the cancer’s stage and severity. However, early detection and diagnosis is the key to save many lives.

As the name itself states that cervical cancer affects the cervical region, the lower part of the uterus. Unfortunately, it rarely show up any symptoms in many cases at earlier stages hence  proper  and regular screening is the only way to detect it. There is a dire need for the awareness and its prevention method. All women should give attention to the minute changes happen to their body. They should be aware of the symptoms that may indicate the possibility of cervical cancer.

Here, listing the 5 most common signs of cervical cancer woman must not ignore and should take timely doctor’s consultation:

1) Abnormal Bleeding-

Most of the women usually suffer from the unusual abnormal bleeding. It can be the most common signs that may warn you about cervical cancer.

2) Unusual Vaginal Discharge-

Another sign that warns you about your condition is unusual vaginal discharge. If you experience unusual discharge with different smell, consistency and color, you should immediate take doctor’s consultation.

3) Pelvic Pain-

The high intensity, sharp or unending pelvic pain might also alert you doctor’s visit. You might experience pelvic pain during your periods but having unusual or never ending pelvic pain should be consulted with doctor.

4) Sudden Changes In Menstrual Cycle-

If you experience changes in your menstrual cycle, you should surely not miss to schedule doctor’s visits as it may warn you some chronic condition. Experiencing too frequent periods also warn you to seek medical advice.

5) Painful Urination- 

Though, painful urination may have various causes.Thus, experiencing pain and discomfort while urination warn you to schedule a doctor’s visit.

There are many others unexplained and unexpected symptoms associated with it are sudden and unexplained weight loss, unexplained fever, extreme fatigue, unexplained skin darkening, itching and reddening, unexplained changes in bowel habits, unusual spots on tongue, voice hoarseness and nagging cough. Fortunately, cervcal cancer is treatable if diagnosed at early stage. Thus more emphasis should be given on timely screening and detection.

The dire need of the hour is to create awareness on the need for timely health checkups at every stage of life and taking preventive actions. Get it checked to know your risk level lately.

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