Chronic Renal (kidney) Failure And Dialysis

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Chronic kidney disease, also called chronic renal failure is the progressive loss of kidney function. Each of your kidneys has millions of tiny filters, called nephron. If they are damaged, your kidney stops working. Kidneys purify wastes and filter excess fluids from your blood, which are then discharged through your urine. When chronic kidney disease comes to an advanced stage, dangerous and harmful fluid, electrolytes and wastes increases  in the body.

In the early stages of chronic kidney disease, you may experience few symptoms or no symptoms. Chronic kidney disease may not become clear until your kidney function is fully damaged.

Signs and symptoms of kidney disease may include:



Loss of appetite



Sleeping disturbances

Changes in the amount of urine

Decreased mental sharpness

Muscle jerks and cramps

Swelling of feet and ankles

Persistent itching

Shortness of breath

High blood pressure (hypertension)


Risk Factors

Factors that may increase your risk of chronic kidney disease include:


High blood pressure

Heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease



Family history of kidney disease

Abnormal kidney structure


Older age 




Heart  disease

Increases risk of bone fractures


Reduced fertility

Damage to your central nervous system

Decreases immune systems

Pregnancy complications that carry risks for the mother.

End-stage kidney diseases eventually requires either dialysis or a kidney transplant for survival


For kidney disease diagnosis, you may also need certain tests and procedures, such as:

1. Blood tests

2. Urine tests

3. Imaging tests

4. Removing a sample of kidney tissue for testing (kidney biopsy). 




Dialysis is a artificial  process of removal of waste products and harmful fluid from the body, when your kidney no longer perform this function.



It is advisable to you that if you suspect any of these symptoms consult your doctor before its too late.

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