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Do you know colon cancer accounts for more than 9% of all form of cancer? Do you know after breast and lung cancer, it is the third most common form of cancer worldwide and fourth commonest  cause of death? A study has shown over 1 million of colon cancer incidence in 2002 with equal incidence rate in both men and women. With the passage of time it is becoming more prevalent in India whose survival rate is highly dependent upon the stage of the disease

Colon cancer is also called as colorectal cancer or bowel cancer which affects the large intestine and/or rectum. When cancerous cells develop in large intestine and rectum it is called colorectal cancer and when they only grow in large intestine it is called as colon or bowel cancer. People above age 45 or 50 are more susceptible to develop it. Though it causes are not completely known to health professionals but certain factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, being sedentary, high consumption of alcohol, being obese, using tobacco products, smoking, diabetes, family history, and radiation etc are considered as top risk factors likely to develop it.
What are the most common colon cancer symptoms or signs to be aware of?
There are some signs and symptoms that indicate your colon might have developed cancer or is on the verge of developing cancer. So it becomes important for us to pay attention towards our body and to find out the unusual changes occurring to our body. Paying attention and treating unusual changes in your body on early stage could prevent developing or reduce risk of life threatening complications. Symptoms that may be the indications of colon cancer are-

1)Abnormal stools (abnormal or unusual changes in frequency and appearance)
2) Changes in appetite
3) Unexplained weight loss
4) Nutrient deficiencies 
5) Weakness and fatigue
6) Abdominal pain, cramping, discomfort and blood in stool
7) Frequent bout of constipation and diarrhea
8) Anemia
9) Jaundice (Yellowing of skin and eyes)

Though it is deadly and life threatening form of cancer but if diagnosed and treated at early stage, can greatly increase the chances of recovery. So it is advisable to people over age of 50 to go for health screening time to time. And highly recommended to those who are high risk of developing cancer especially those who are more exposed to radiation or have family history. Consult with best doctor at

Listing some must to do tips to lowering your risk of colon Cancer.

1) Increase Fiber Consumption-
There are some varieties of foods that have been linked to increased risk of colon cancer. Foods such as inflammatory and processed foods may increase your chances of developing cancer. A study has shown that consuming more fibrous such as beans, sprouts, turnip, dates, apple, berries, chickpeas; sweet potatoes lower your risk. Some cancer- fighting foods such as leafy green vegetables like spinach, raw garlic, citrus fruits, turmeric, ginger, green tea, coconut oil, fish, etc also help reduce your risk.
2.Maintain a Healthy Weight-
Being overweight has been linked to increased risk of colon cancer. Obesity in both men and women is one of the common causes of cancer. So maintaining a healthy weight is more than important for everyone. Work on your weight to maintain ideal weight by regular exercising, consuming anti-inflammatory diet, managing stress, or getting enough sleep.
3.Stay Active-
People who follow sedentary lifestyle and are less physically active are at higher risk of developing cancer. Study has shown that regular exercise, healthy lifestyles lower your risk of colon cancer by 50 %. So stay active and be less sedentary as you can.
4.Limit Alcohol Consumption & Quit Smoking-
Limiting your alcohol consumption also reduce your chances of cancer. Quitting smoking is also linked to reduced cancer incidence.
5.Treat Underlying Health Issues-
Some health conditions such as diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, frequent constipation, diarrhea, ulcer, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) make people more vulnerable to develop colon cancer. So it is recommended to manage and treat your conditions before it transform into a deadliest one.
"Stay Informed, Stay Healthy"

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