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Do you know that India tops the list of deaths caused by road accidents? According to a data released in 2016, approximately 15,77,929 lost their lives in a dreadful road accident. As per the statistics, 380 people lose their lives daily.16 children die on Indian road per day. At least one death happens in every four minutes due to a road accident in India. Minimum two people die every hour in Uttar Pradesh due to fatal road crash deaths. The sad part is that many of these lives could have been saved if they have got timely help.



How does help road accident victims?


1. You can missed call or call us on our emergency number-9555203000.

The first hour after the accident is considered as a golden period. Many accident victims, due to lack of immediate medical help in the first hour after the accident, lose their life. Now we can increase the chances of survival of accident victim by just giving a single call on our emergency number-9555203000 or 0551-2200198.


 2. We provide 24*7 hours well-equipped ambulance services.

We at provide 24*7 hours well-equipped ambulance facility. You just have to give us a call and tell about the accident location. We are capable of finding best way to reach the destination as soon as possible.


3. We arrange doctors in the nearest hospital before the reach of the accident victim. We understand that every second of the accident victim is important for his survival. So keeping that in mind we arrange doctors in the nearest hospital before the reach of the victim. So that victim can get immediate medical help.


4. We prepare intensive care unit (ICU) with all the required tools, equipment, and medical staffs.

We first understand the victim’s requirement and according to their conditions we arrange and prepare an ICU with all the required tools, equipment, and staffs. So that patients can get timely medical assistance.


5. We provide 24-hour blood bank facility.

We make all possible effort to provide quick and error free blood transfusion facility to accident victims. We also have 24/7 hours availability of all blood components such as blood platelets, fresh frozen plasma, red blood cells etc.


6. We provide life support system in critical conditions-

In any trauma and critical emergency, we have a facility of life support system for accident victims.


7. We arrange proper follow up and monitor their conditions digitally.

Our work does not end there, we continuously monitor victims conditions in the hospital and arrange proper follow up for further treatment.










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