Common Skin Problems to Watch Out During Rainy Seasons

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Though skin problems can occur to anyone irrespective of age and gender in any season but rainy season brings some more favorable conditions that make people more prone to get bacterial or fungal infection. After the scorching summer comes heavy monsoon that does not only cause negative effect on economy but can seriously damage your health too. Moreover, children and elderly are more vulnerable to develop various digestive and skin infections owing to weakened immune system. But, youngsters are also not untouched with skin infections as they spend more of their time staying outdoors.

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Poor hygienic conditions are some of the most common causes that make people vulnerable to various infections after getting wet in the rainy season. It has been noticed that more than 50% of the skin ailments affect people during monsoon and cause wide range of bacterial and fungal infections. The skin specialists greatly warn people to incorporate healthy hygienic habits in day to day life to prevent skin infections.

We know that most of the fungi thrive in humid climates during monsoon and contaminate almost everything present in environment. Some of the common skin problems to watch out during rainy seasons are-

1. Ringworm: Ringworm is highly contagious skin fungal infection that can easily occur on your skin during monsoon. It appears in circular rashes but can cause intense itchiness and inflammation. It spreads slowly to other part of the body and may lead to serious skin problem.

2. Nail Infections: One of the most common fungal infections during monsoon that affects majority of the people is nail infection. Nails are most susceptible to catch infections during rain. If you find brittle, rough and discolored nail, it might have already caught fungal infection and you need to consult skin specialist.

3. Athletes Foot: Athlete’s foot is commonest and contagious foot infection that cause red, itchy and moist rash on the feet. Though it usually spreads through toes and may spread to other parts of the foot. It symptoms may also include cracked skin, burning sensation, blisters and foul-smelling feet.

4. Eczema: Eczema easily flares up during monsoon and can cause skin dry, flaky and itchy. The most affected part are hand, face, neck and back of the knees. There are various factors that trigger skin infection are temperature change, humidity and dirt exposure during rain.

5. Scabies: Scabies is one of the skin infections caused by parasitic mites and mostly infects children and crawling babies. It causes red bumps between fingers, itchy rashes, and inflamed and water filled blisters.

You can fend off most of the skin infections by maintaining proper hygiene and healthy immune system. Avoid exposure to contaminated water and wearing tight synthetic clothes.Diabetes patients need to be more conscious during rain.

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