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The winter is a season which brings with it unwanted illness, which makes people more debilitating and exhausted. It becomes more painful for the people with weakened immunity system. As they are at high risk of getting winter infections and develop problems like cold, flu, sore throat, painful joints, influenza, asthma and many more. So it is essential to stay alert and do not let the winter interfere with your health. These problems can be mild to chronic and may also trigger otherserious ailments. Here listing the ways you can fight off and cure with these problems.
1. Cold-
Cold is extremely annoying and painful conditions which develops from bacterial infection. It spreads rapidly and may last for more than weeks. It symptoms include runny nose, sneezing and congestion. It is more common in children during winter seasons. You can reduce the risk of developing by-
1. Washing your hands regularly
2. Avoid touching public objects and places.
3. Avoid sharing clothes,handkerchief,towels,utensils.
4. Avoid exposure of infected people.
5. Avoid handshake
6. Exercise regularly
7. Eat nutrient-rich foods.
2. Sore throat-
Sore throat is a painful viral infection which develops dry and scratchy sensation in the throat. It symptoms may include fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, body ache and vomiting. The best way to cure sore throat is to gargle with warm salty water. You can also follow-
1. Rest and also rest your voice
2. Drink warm water to prevent dehydration
3. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
4. Drink soups and caffeine-free drink.
5. Use ginger,lemon and honey as they have antibacterial properties.
3. Asthma-
One of the common factors that triggers asthma’s symptoms is cold air. It symptoms include shortness of breath and wheezing. People having pulmonary problems should be more vigilant in winter.
1. You should stay indoors if it is extremely cold outside.
2. Wear a scarf 
3. Take medicine on time
4. Keep reliever and inhalers close by
5. Avoid eating cold stuffs.
6. Stay away from pollens,smoke,wood fires,dust and particles in the air.
4. Pneumonia-
Winter increases your risk to get viral infection, pneumonia. It symptoms include cough, fever, shortness of breath. It occurs when germs enter into your lungs. Pneumonia could be serious if not treated on time.
1. Vaccinate your children 
2. Wash your hands often
3. Stay away from infected people.
4. Prevent getting common cold and flu.
5. Take your medicines 
5. Hypothermia-
Hypothermia can sudden drop your body temperature due to excess exposure of cold. It symptoms include shivering, slow breathing, memory loss, exhaustion, low energy and slurred speech. Elderly are at greater risk of contracting hypothermia. You can reduce your risk by following-
1. Cover up your body warmly.
2. Protect yourself from rain and cold air.
3. Protect yourself from cold surface
4. Stay as dry as possible
If you suspect any of these symptoms consult your general physician right away.
Talk to your doctor for treatment if you have any issues related to winter problem.

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