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DD-Package For Surgical Treatment


Get Customized Package From Different Hospitals For Your Surgery Your Medical Home

• Have you ever been recommended to undergo any medical surgery by your doctor?

• Have you ever been in a confusing situation for your surgical treatment?

• Are you confused which hospital will be best for your treatment?

• Are you worried which hospital is within your budget?


If yes, then you are at right place, we have already solved your problem in finding best surgical treatment in right hospital at an economical price through our customized DD-package.

What is a fixed price surgery package?

We understand that situation to go for the surgical procedure is the big one. But choosing right hospitals or doctors at an economical price is the even bigger situation. Hence is providing you a list of the solution to your entire problem. It has started offering the DD-surgery package to help you find quality and fixed price surgical treatment in different hospitals. It helps you find a hospital that matches your surgical needs at the best possible price.


‘Packages’ are in trends today for most surgical procedures in various hospitals that make the patient aware of the combined charges including all critical care, radiology or pathology test with or without medicine depending upon the hospitals. A surgical package system enables patients  to pay hospital bill more easily. 

Learn about the advantages of getting a fixed price surgery package when you opt for surgical treatment-


What are the benefits of DD surgery Package?


1. Economical- DD-package provides you treatment at best cost possible.

2. Fixed Charge- As the price will be optimum and fixed, so there will be a sense of satisfaction for the patient.

3. Choose and decide smartly- DD-package brings you a list of hospitals where you can choose to get your treatment done.

4. No Uncertainty- Whole surgical treatment procedure and cost will be clear to you hence there will be no doubt or uncertainty in the treatment process.

5. Comparable rate- DD-package is making it much easier to compare different hospital’s surgery rate.

6. Easy Settlement- It provides you a platform to pay you a fixed amount in an easy manner.

No Matter How Big Or Small Your Problem Is, Our DD-Package Covers It All

What is included in DD- surgical package?


1. Kidney Stone


2. Appendix


3. Perforation


4. GB stone


5. Fracture


6. Brain tumour


7. Piles


8. Hernia


9. Caesarean


10. Urinary stone


11. Spine


12. Prostate


13. Abses


14. Hydrocele


15. RCT


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