Do Not Ignore These Symptoms At Any Cost.

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Yes, that is true that no one of us wants to visit a doctor. This is the biggest reason that we tend to ignore the minor or initial symptoms that may put our lives at risk. These symptoms may be a simple cold and cough, persistent fever, unprecedented or unexplained weight loss, weakness or numbness in the body, urine infections, continuous back pain or loss of appetite. Keeping eye on the body and its problem whether minor or major is extremely essential and helps prevent major future complications. It also helps in early detection of the disease and provides a way to effectively treat them. Here are the symptoms that may point you to consult your doctor right away.
Weight loss- 
If you are fat or obese and you are attempting to lose your weight then weight loss can be a good thing. But if you are experiencing sudden or unexplained weight loss then you should be alert.Sudden weight loss is a cause for concern that should not be avoided. Weight loss can be due to various serious illness. It may because of various form of cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and psychological disorder. Depression can also be one of the problems that need to be resolved soon.
Persistent fever-
Fever is usually not a good thing and should be taken seriously. We usually tend to ignore it as it mostly comes with the cold or other minor problems. But it is a cause for concern if it is persistent or a common flu medication is unable to treat it. Persistent fever can be the symptoms of some severe ailments such as infections in the organs or in blood, cancer, hormonal imbalance or some serious intestinal problem. So in case if you are experiencing persistent fever you should consult your doctor without delay.
Pain while urination-
Urine problems such as pain while urination, burning sensation, blood in urine, clouded urine, harsh smell of urine or frequent urination are some major urine disorder that should not be ignored. It is a problem we usually feel shy to discuss with others or even with doctors. But ignoring these symptoms can seriously take a toll on your health. These problems can be due to urinary tract infections, prostate cancer, or some serious infections. You may also feel the frequent urge of urination at night. These problems could be cured with proper medication. So it is recommended to keep eye on your urine pattern to avoid complications.
Persistent lower back pain-
Back pain is a common problem that can be a result of your hard working schedule or your stress. You may also experience it if you are aging.It is a common problem that we usually ignore. But this unpleasant pain can be due to your kidney stone, arthritis, spine infection, or urinary infections. Back pain should be treated earlier to prevent future complications.
Loss of appetite-
This symptom can be difficult to notice, but detection of it can be extremely useful. So if you experience your eating capacity is decreasing and your tummy is always full you should immediately consult your doctor. You may have pancreatic or gastroesophageal issues. You may have the peptic ulcer which gives you feeling of early satiety.
It is extremely important to pay attention to every single and small changes to your body. These frustrating changes can lead to dangerous disease. Consultation with the doctor can reduce serious complexity and possibly save your life.
                                                           "BE INFORMED, BE HEALTHY"

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