Do You Always Feel Cold And Shiver? Here Is Why

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Feeling cold and shiver is not less than an intolerable and embarrassing condition especially when others around you feel comfort in full AC. Feeling cold when it is not cold outside is an extremely sensitive condition that may indicate that your body has certain health issues which need to be addressed soon. Covering yourself up with extra layers of clothing may temporary relieve your problem but cannot cure it. So you need to be extra vigilant about your condition and investigate the underlying conditions. You are also recommended to seek doctor’s help to know what actually causing the problem. Your doctor may recommend some test to diagnose the condition and start your treatment depending on your diagnosis. 

There are various health problems and a lot of issues that could lead to cold intolerance. Our body depends on various chemical reactions to keep it warm and functioning properly and when it lacks essential nutrients or has developed certain disease, it makes your body feel cold all the time. 

Here are the top 7 reasons that can make you feel cold and shiver and disturb your internal thermostat. 
1)Your Body Is Anemic- 
Feeling cold along with looking pale and yellow, fatigue, irregular heartbeats is one of the most common symptoms of anemia. Anemia is a condition when your body does not make healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. So it is advisable to consult your doctor to know you are anemic or not. If you are, he may prescribe some supplements to increase your red blood cells.
You may also feel cold all the time due to your hormonal imbalance system. Hypothyroidism is a condition when your thyroid gland does not make enough hormones and disturbs your body functioning. When your body lacks thyroid hormone, it slows down your metabolism, dries your skin and makes you tired. So consult your doctor  at to balance your imbalance hormonal disorder. 
3)You are Diabetic- 
Diabetes is a medical condition which in result leads to severe health complications. One of the most serious complications is kidney damage which is also called diabetic nephropathy. Feeling cold is common symptom of this problem. Some other symptoms you may also experience are- Nausea or vomiting, itchiness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, swelling in feet ,face or hands. Consult your doctor  at if these conditions occur to you. 
4)You are too thin- 
Being under weight or having low body weight is also one of the most common reasons of getting chills. When your body is underweight, it lacks body fat that helps keep your body warm. It also lacks nutrients to keep it functioning. So try to maintain ideal weight by having lots of protein, fat and carbohydrates. 
5)Lack of Sleep-
Not getting enough sleep may impact your nervous system. According to health professionals lack of sleep has been linked to nervous system imbalance. When you do not get enough sleep your body temperature drops and make you feel chill, inactive and tired.
6) Iron Deficiency-
Our body needs iron to perform smoothly and well. Iron is an important component of RBC and helps blood cells to carry out oxygen in the body and works properly. When your body lacks iron, it will impact your body functioning and makes you more susceptible to cold. If you feel lethargic throughout the day, start consuming eggs, spinach, other leafy vegetables and seafood to increase iron level.
7) You are dehydrated-
Water is also an essential component that helps regulate body temperature. When your body is hydrated, it will keep your temperature in a comfortable zone. In contrary to that dehydration alters your metabolic rate which in result can make your body feel cold and shiver. So it is recommended to take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to prevent health complications.
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