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Do you find a soft and bulgy lump or swelling under your skin on neck, shoulder or arms? You might be wondering what it is. Let me tell you that this fatty collection under your skin could be a lipoma. They are the collection of fat which slowly grows inside your tissues.They come under the category of harmless tumors, which are a most common form of tumor. They occur especially on the upper part of the body. People usually adults and elderly get them, children are less prone to develop it.
They typically appear on-
· neck
· shoulders
· back
· abdomen
· arms
· thighs
Its symptoms include-
1. Soft lumps
2. Under the skin
3. Pale
4. Colorless
5. Grow slowly
6. Easily pressed
7. Less than 2 inches.
8. Moves when touched
It is still not clear that what actually causes lipoma, but there are some factors which contribute to them. Middle-aged men and women are more susceptible to get them. They may happen after an injury. Genetic is also one of the factors which lead to lipoma. Alcohol also makes people more prone to develop lipoma.
Is it painful?
Lipoma is not painful but due to its existence in the neck or back and size could bother you.
Because of its benign nature, your doctor may recommend you to leave it without any medication or surgery.But in case if it is causing trouble or pain he may suggest you  get it removed. Your doctor may ask you to keep eye on its size.
How is a lipoma diagnosed?
The physical examination could be enough to diagnose lipoma. Your doctor may confirm it if it is bulgy and soft and is not painful. It also moves when touched.
In some cases, your doctor may suggest you biopsy test to confirm its possibility of cancer. MRI and CT scan could also be performed.
How is a lipoma treated?
Its treatment is based on the various factors-
· the size of the lipoma
· the number of skin tumors
· your history of skin cancer
· your family history of skin cancer
· whether the lipoma is painful
1. Surgery
2. Liposuction
3. Steroid Injections
Talk to your doctor for treatment if you have any issues related to lipoma.
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