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Do you know regular exercise and physical activity add years to your life? Regardless of your age, shape or gender, it has incredible benefits on your health. It does not only strengthen your muscles, keep your bone strong and improve skin but also strengthen your immune system and make you feel and look better. Here we are listing some great benefits of exercise that leads to happier and healthier life.

1. Better Mood-

Feeling irritated all the time? Indulge yourself in exercise and physical activity. If you work out, your body secretes feel-good chemicals in the brain. You can see the instant effects within a few minutes of exercise. But the affects of regular exercise last longer.

2. More Energy-

Exercise gives you more energy than you can expect. According to scientist, exercise is the best way to beat fatigue. It strengthens the blood circulation and heart muscles. It increases the immunity power. So if you want to boost energy, exercise more.

3. Ideal Sleep-

Regular exercise help you sleep faster and more ideal. The more you exercise, the more sound sleep you would have. So If you are looking for the ways to improve your sleep, make sure you exercise daily.

4. More Confidence

Regular exercise makes you feel good and look good. It helps  build confidence and boost self-esteem. It enhances mental focus and concentration.

5. Less Stress-

Regular exercise helps reduce your anxiety and worries. If you are stressed and worried you should involve yourself in physical activities such as running, walking, swimming and exercising.

6. More Productive-

Exercise increases your work efficiency. It makes you more focused and less distracted. If you work out you can see the positive changes in your productivity.

7. Weight Control-

Exercise helps you maintain healthy weight. If you are over weight you should work out as over weight invites various chronic diseases. Try to work at least 30 minutes a day.

8. Long Life-

Regular exercise can increase your lifespan. It can add years to your life. According to researchers, a person who maintains healthy weight and is physically active is likely to live more than those who don’t.

Try to engage in activities like walking,running,swimming and aerobic exercises.Exercise is the best way to protect yourself from chronic health problems.


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