Do You Know Your Urine Tell A Lot About Your Health?

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What Your urine can tell about your problem

Do you know your urine tell a lot about your health? You or your doctor can tell about your health status simply by observing the color of the urine.You should also be aware of the various medical problem, you can diagnose just by observing the changes in its pattern, color, and smell. Sometimes the changes in the color of the urine can be the sign of health problem,that should be addressed soon.Consult your doctor if you experience any changes in its color or smell. Here is the list of the medical problem you might have if you observe changes in urine.

1. Blood in Your Urine-

You should consult your doctor in case you observe blood in your urine. It can be due to some serious and life threatening diseases like kidney disease, bladder cancer.It can also be caused by your medication and hard exercise.

2. A bad Smell-

Your eating pattern and medication can highly alter the way your urine smells. But in case if your body has developed some disease, you may also experience bad smell. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney infection, and the liver problem also changes the way your urine smells.So it is highly recommended to you to consult your doctor in case you suspect any changes in its smell.

3. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)-

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common problems, most of the women go through.If you have UTI you may observe red, brown, green or cloudy urine with a strong smell. UTI is caused by bacteria that can be treated with the antibiotics. Consult with your doctor if you observe any symptoms as mentioned.

4. Hyperglycemia-

Hyperglycemia is a medical condition when there is too much glucose in your blood.Your pattern of urine changes if you have hyperglycemia.It can also lead to a serious medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney problem, and eye blindness.

5. Diabetes-

If you have diabetes you may feel a frequent urge of urination.You might also see the changes in its color or smell. You should consult your doctor soon if you experience any changes. Because if diabetes not detected on time, can lead to further serious medical complications.

6. Dehydration-

If your body is dehydrated, your urine would appear dark. You will feel less urge to urinate than before. You might also feel tired and enervated.

7. Organ Failure-

If you see dark urine you should consult your doctor as it could be the symptoms of one of your organ failure. Your liver, gallbladder or kidney may also at risk if you observe an unusual pattern in your urine.


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