Do Your Hands or Feet Shake? Know what causes it.

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Shaky Hands or Hand Tremor

You might have people around you experiencing tremor in hand while moving or doing normal daily chores. Or the chances are that you yourself are growing with it. Though shaky hands are normal when you are nervous, annoyed, or drunk, but the frequent hand tremor is more likely the symptoms of underlying diseases developed within you.

Shaky hands which is also called hand tremor is not a life threatening condition but also not unavoidable. Mostly the condition has been linked to serious neurological disorders. Though, there are many other possible reasons that can cause shaky hands.

Shaky hands grow gradually

It has been seen in most of the patients that the condition grows gradually and it is one of the most common reasons that the problem does not come to notice. And as the time passes the situation gets worse.

Most possible reasons your hands are shaking

1) Parkinson’s disease-

Parkinson’s disease is a neuro degenerative condition that affects certain part of the brain and usually hit between the ages of 30 to 40. The condition affects the brain cells causing symptoms like shaky hands, tremors, stiffness, lack of balance and coordination, depression or mood disorders.

2) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-

This condition hit the brain and the spinal cord of the body resulting the progressive muscle weakness. It is also a degenerative condition that destroys the cells of the brain and spinal cord causing shaky hands, hands weakness, difficulty walking, slurred speech, etc. 

3) Alzheimer’s disease-

Alzheimer’s disease is an inherited neurological disorder. In Alzheimer’s people usually experiences loss of memory, mood swing, depression and tremor. The condition affects over the age of 45 and develops gradually.

4) Smoking-

Excessive consumption of nicotine is also associated with shaky hands. If you are a heavy smoker you might experience this symptom.

5) Caffeine overdose-

It is also proved that over consumption of coffee or tea causes nervous reaction and may result shaky hands.

6) Depression-

Any negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, trauma is associated with nervous breakdown which may result shaky hands.

7) Nutrient deficiency-

Certain nutrient deficiency may also cause shaky hands. Vitamin deficiency such as B1/B6/B12 is mostly responsible for hand tremor.

8) Lack of sleep-

Unhealthy sleep habit might result shaky hands. As not getting complete sleep affects nervous system and may cause movement disorder.

If you are one of them going through this condition, you should seek help of doctor to know the underlying situation before the condition gets out of control and starts messing your day to day life. The doctor may recommend you certain medication to treat your problem and may suggest therapies to control it.

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