Does Tomato Cause Kidney Stones? Busting The Myth

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You may have heard old people saying you that -- do not add tomato to your salad; your kidney might develop stone. So, the question is that at what extent this saying is true? Does tomato really cause kidney stones? Is eating tomato bad for the body and its organ? Should we quit eating tomato? Let us demystify the myth.
What is Kidney Stone?
Kidney stones are the most common problem, the majority of the people are suffering from it. As the name suggests, kidney stones are the solid deposits of minerals that resemble stone. Though they are not considered as a life-threatening condition at times can be serious if pass through the urinary tract. They are often associated with intense or dull pain in the abdomen or lower back, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, blood in urine, cloudy and smelly urine, sweating and pain while urination. The problem requires treatment depending on the size of the stone. Smaller kidney stones can be treated with medication while bigger ones require surgery. Your doctor may recommend you increase your fluid intake along with a healthy diet. 
Eating tomato does not cause kidney stones.
There is a common belief that consuming tomato can form kidney stones as it is believed that seeds present in tomato get collected in the kidneys and form hard structures like a stone. But this is not the case with tomato seeds as kidneys are not involved in digestive functions.  When you eat a tomato, it gets digested and absorbed by the digestive system which includes the stomach and intestinal linings. The fluid then enters into the blood and blood is filtered by the kidney. The unwanted and excessive fluid is then moved to the bladder, from where it is excreted in the form of urine. Hence there is no possibility for tomato seeds to get stuck in your kidney. 
Why tomatoes have been linked to Kidney Stone? Busting the myth.
According to a health professional, one of the most common kidney stones is calcium kidney stones. These stones contain calcium and oxalates which are also referred to as oxalic acid. The tomato seeds are packed with oxalate so it is believed that on consuming tomato high amount of oxalates get accumulated in the kidney and cause kidney stones. But the medical industry does not agree on this. It is found that 100 gm of tomatoes contain only 5 mg of oxalate which is not sufficient or too little to form kidney stones.
But Avoid Tomatoes If You Have History of Kidney Stones.
It is recommended by the health professionals to cut down the consumption of foods that contain oxalates such as tomatoes, spinach, beet, nuts, chocolate, and soy products if you have a prior history of stone or family history. As consuming tomatoes can worsen the situation or triggers the symptoms. 
Tomatoes Contain Potassium That Can Worsen Your Existing Kidney Problem-
People with kidney disorders suffer from imbalance mineral levels.  As tomatoes are high in potassium it may cause further complications in kidney patients including irregular heartbeat, digestive problem, and even heart attack. So, that is the reason it is ignored by the kidney patient.
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