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Conjunctivitis which is also known as “Pink Eye” is a common eye infection in the outer membrane that causes redness and inflammation in the layers that cover the eyeball. Its symptoms include mild pain in eyes, itching, inflammation, redness of eyes. Normally it takes around 2-3 weeks to recover, depending on the severity.

What Causes Pinkeye or Conjunctivitis?

Pinkeye has a lot of different causes, including:

• Viruses

• Bacteria 

• Irritants such as shampoos, dirt, smoke

• Allergies, like dust, pollen from 

• Infection of the respiratory tract

• Common cold or a sore throat

• Watering

• Severe itching

Pinkeye caused by some bacteria and viruses are contagious and spread easily from person to person. Pinkeye in newborn babies can lead to vision-threatening infection so it should be reported immediately.

The symptoms of pinkeye differ based on the cause of the inflammation, but may include-

• Redness in the membrane of the eyes

• Increased amount of tears

• Thick yellow discharge 

• Green or white discharge from the eye

• Itchy and inflammatory eyes 

• Burning eyes

• Increased sensitivity to light

Consult your eye doctor if you suspect any of these symptoms of pinkeye. 


1. Antibiotic eye drops

2. Antibiotic eye ointment at bedtime.

3. Lubricating eye drops.


Avoid touching or rubbing the infected eye.

Avoid use of eye makeup and stop using contact lenses.

Frequently wash hands with soap and warm water

Avoid sharing stuff like towels, dress, and pillows or eye makeup like eyeliners with an infected person.

What Can I Do to Relieve Symptoms of Pinkeye?

To relieve the symptoms of pinkeye:

• Protect your eyes from dirt.

• Keep your hand clean.

• Avoid using eye makeup.

• Remove contact lenses if you wear them.

How Can I Prevent Spreading Pinkeye?

If you or your child has pinkeye:

• Don't touch or rub the infected eye.

• Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, especially before eating.

• Wash your bedsheets, pillow covers, and towels in hot water and detergent.

• Avoid wearing eye makeup.

• Don't share eye makeup with anyone.

• Never wear another person's contact lenses.

• Wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. 

• Wash your hands after applying the eye drops or ointment to your eye or your child's eye.

• Avoid using eye drops that were already used by an infected person.

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