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Among so many emerging skin diseases, eczema is most common in them.It is a group of skin disorder that mostly affects youngsters and adults. Eczema is defined as inflammation and irritation of the skin followed by skin rashes, red patches, itching, and bleeding. It spreads rapidly if not treated on time.Though, there are some home remedies you can opt to cure eczema. Let us know more about it.


What Are the Symptoms of Eczema?

Its symptoms may vary from person to person that includes-

1. Skin redness

2. Skin itching

3. Crusting patches

4. Skin dryness

5. Skin flaking

6. Skin crusting

8. Skin swelling

9. Oozing or bleeding.

 What Causes Eczema?

The exact cause is still unknown but there are various conditions that trigger eczema

1. Family history

2. Environmental factors

3. Irritants - soaps, detergents, shampoos

4. Juices from fresh fruits, meats, or vegetables

5. Allergens - dust mites, pets, pollens, mold, dandruff

6. Bacteria, viruses, certain fungi

7. Hot and cold temperatures

8. Foods - dairy products, eggs, nuts and seeds, soy products, wheat

9. Stress can also be the reasons for eczema

How Is Eczema Diagnosed?

It is strongly recommended to you that if you suspect any of the symptoms consult your doctor soon. Practically there is no test to diagnose eczema. Doctor can tell if it is eczema or not by looking at your skin condition and asking few questions.

How Is Eczema Treated?


How Can Eczema Outbreak  Be Prevented?

Eczema outbreaks can sometimes be avoided or the severity lessened by following these simple tips.

 1. Moisturize frequently.

 2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

 3. Avoid sweating or overheating.

 4. Reduce stress.

 5. Avoid scratchy materials, such as wool.

 6. Avoid harsh soaps, detergents, and solvents.

 7. Foods that can cause an outbreak

Top 12 Natural Remedies for Eczema Cure-

Here are some proven top home remedies to cure eczema without causing any harm to the skin.

 1. Coconut Oil

 2. Honey

 3. Aloe Vera

 4. Vitamin E Oil

 5. Cucumber

 6. Neem and Turmeric

 7. Sweet Almond Oil

 8. Apple Cider Vinegar

 9. Fruits

10. Vegetables

11. Vitamin D

12. Fish Oil


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