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As we get older, we get familiar with many painful problems. One of the  most common problems elderly faces is knee pain. It happens when tissues of the knee joint starts to wear down. The risk factors which cause knee pain can be some old injury, surgery, continuous stress on the joints, hyper mobility, or your old age. Unfortunately there is no prescribed treatment for that, your doctor may prescribe some painkiller. But long-term use of these pain killers may lead to serious side effects. Your doctor may also recommend you for knee replacement surgery when medication and physical therapy won’t give you any relief.


There are things you can follow to reduce your triggers of knee pain. Little changes in lifestyle, dietary, daily schedule can work wonder. So it is highly recommended you to follow these points if you often experience knee pain.


1. Don’t rest too much-

There is a saying that too much of anything is good for nothing. It is true in case of rest too. Too much rest can harm your body. It weakens your muscles and triggers joint pain. So be physically active as it will keep your joint healthy and flexible.


2. Exercise regularly-

Exercise does not only strengthen your muscles but also provides flexibility. Exercises such as stretching, walking, and swimming, cycling may help ease joint stiffness and pain. There is a misconception among people that exercise can aggravate pain in people with arthritis. But that is not true; consult your doctor to suggest some mild exercise.


3. Maintain ideal weight-

Your weight could be one of the reasons for your knee pain. So try to maintain ideal weight and reduce burden on your knee. Do not forget that small changes make big difference.



4.Walk when possible-

According to doctors, inactivity or sedentary lifestyle is the root cause for the stiffness and pain in joints. It triggers usually in elderly because of their less physical activity. So it is necessary to go for a small walk to keep body fit.

5. Increase calcium consumption-

Calcium is building block of your bones. It helps your muscles work properly. So add calcium rich foods in your diet.Increase consumption of dairy products.

6. Use turmeric-

Turmeric has high inflammatory properties. It is known for excellent healing properties. It helps in knee pain and also prevents stiffness. You can take it with warm milk or include in your food.


7. Go for massage therapy-

Massage therapies like cold or hot have proven effect in knee pain. Go for massage therapy you will for sure feel the difference.


Talk to your doctor for treatment if you have any issues related to  knee pain.





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