Experiencing Excessive Sweating? Know The Cause

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When the temperature rises in the air, it is absolutely normal to sweat little more than usual. But experiencing excessive sweating irrespective of hot weather may warn you against some health conditions. Excessive sweating is medically termed as hyperhidrosis which signals that something is unusual with your health conditions. In hyperhidrosis condition, your body produces sweat in a great amount that your moisture may drip from your hands and feet and causes an uncomfortable situation for you. The situation may occur that you feel sweaty in air condition while bathing or even in some conditions that do not even call sweat.

Now, you might be wondering about the underlying harmful conditions that can cause hyperhidrosis. Though it is not a serious condition but uncovering the reasons and getting it treated is necessary to not exacerbate the health condition in future.

Some of the common signs & symptoms associated with hyperhidrosis are:

1) Visible excessive sweating

2) Uncomfortable wetness in the hands and feet

3) Sweating interferes with daily tasks

4) Skin in areas that sweat turned white

5) Skin infections like athlete’s foot

6) Excessive Night Sweats

Causes & Risk Factors of Excessive Sweating Include:

Overactive sympathetic nerves




Mercury poisoning

Head trauma


Social anxiety disorder




Certain medications and supplements





According to the health experts, excessive sweating has been linked to health conditions including diabetes, fever, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), stress, pregnancy, obesity, arthritis, gout, tuberculosis, malaria, etc. Your excessive sweating may also warn you against some serious and life-threatening health conditions such as blood cancer (leukemia), HIV/AIDS, heart attack, severe infection, certain medication, etc.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people overlook the problem and do not take this condition seriously. And, those who worry do not know which specialist doctor would be suitable to treat the conditions. Most commonly, excessive sweating is considered as a skin condition that can be treated with the help of the dermatologist. Though, after proper diagnosis and evaluation, you may be directed to other specialized doctors such as endocrinologists, neurologist, or cardiologist according to the underlying conditions.

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