Experiencing These Problems? You May Have Kidney Disease

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When your kidney stops functioning as it should do, it can get your overall health into trouble. The kidney plays an important role in removing and cleansing the toxins and unwanted substances from the body. When it does not perform properly, the toxins start accumulating and cause an ill effect on health. People may get affected by any of the kidney problems at any point in time in their life. These problems range from minor to chronic and may require immediate treatment. Some of the commonest problems that affect most of the people are- kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, hematuria, proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, etc.
Sometimes, the existing kidney problem does not show any severe symptoms until the problem turns into the bigger one. So it is advisable to keep eyes on every subtle change that occurs to your body to prevent future complications. The good thing is that most of the kidney problems can be treated and make you feel best. It is also recommended to talk to your doctor to know the underlying causes if you have one or more of these below-mentioned symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe you blood and urine tests to know the exact cause of your symptoms. 
Based on the people’s experiences, we have listed out some most common symptoms which warrant you to a Nephrologist visit. 
1. Fatigue – being tired all of the time
If you are one of those who feel tired throughout the day even after getting enough sleep and rest, you really need to worry. According to health professionals, a healthy kidney produces hormones which in results produce oxygen-carrying red blood cells. When your kidney does not perform well, it slows down the oxygen transmission rate and makes you feel fatigued and tired. Due to the improper functioning of the kidney, you may become anemic.
2. Feeling cold – when others don’t
You may feel excessive cold and get chills irrespective of weather conditions. There are various health conditions that can make you feel cold, kidney problems might be one of them.
3. Shortness of breath 
If you are not getting enough oxygen to breathe or striving hard and deep to get enough oxygen to breathe, you might at the risk of kidney problems. The possibilities are that your body has accumulated extra fluids in your lungs due to the improper functioning of the kidney. Being deprived of RBCs may also cause shortness of breath.
4. Feeling faint, vomiting, and itchy
When your kidney does not cleanse out toxins and unhealthy substances, you may feel dizziness and weakness. Being anemic can also make you feel faint and vomiting. You may have memory problems and difficulty with concentration. Due to the build-up of toxins in the blood, you may feel severe itching. You may also feel a loss of appetite. 
5. Swelling in hands or feet
Build-ups of toxins in the body may cause severe swelling in certain parts of the body such as legs, ankles, feet, or hands. You may have a puffy face and swollen eyes. So it is highly recommended you get your kidney tested if you observe these symptoms.
6. Getting up during the night to make urine
You feel the frequent urge of urination, especially during the night. Due to the improper functioning of the kidney, you may feel a change in your urine pattern, frequency, amount, and color. You start urinating more often, which may appear foamy and brown or purple in color. If you feel pressure while urinating or having difficulty in urinating, you should consult a doctor to find the true cause. 
NOTE: If you are experiencing severe pain above your waist, you are strictly recommended to consult Nephrologists. You can consult the best kidney doctor through
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