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Majority of people are at risk of getting chronic kidney diseases which at last lead to kidney failure. Kidney is an important organ that has to be healthy and disease free to live life at its fullest. Kidney performs body’s some important function such as urine formation, blood purification and removes waste product and toxins from the body. But there are various risk factors and medical conditions that put people at risk of getting kidney disease. 


These conditions could be your diabetes problems, high blood pressure, kidney stones, high cholesterol, cyst in kidney, blood clot, urinary blockage, arthritis problems, lupus and many more. The good part is that you can greatly reduce your risk of developing kidney problems by following good habits and healthy diet. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can also prevent kidney failure. So it is recommended to keep eyes on and be aware of its noticeable symptoms that can help you detect kidney problem earlier. 


Some of the common symptoms include –

1. Brown, red or purple colored urine

2. Frequent urination

3. Upset stomach, nausea or vomiting

4. Loss of appetite

5. Swollen or puffy face

6. Swelling in hands and feet

7. Dizziness or weakness

8. Chills and shivers

9. Fatigue


Kidney problems can be fatal and life threatening if not diagnosed on time and treated appropriately. The best ways to ensure good kidney health is to be cautious and take preventive care as much as possible. Here are the best to-do list you can follow to fight off kidney problems.


1. Keep yourself hydrated-

It is recommended you to drink at least 10 to 12 glass of drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. If you observe dark colored urine, talk to your doctor right away to diagnose the problem. If you are a traveler or involved in strenuous exercise, you should extra take care of your fluid consumption.

2.Eat balanced and healthy diet-

Your diet plays an important role in keeping your organs healthy. Eating vitamins and nutrients rich diet full of grains, fresh fruits and vegetables helps you keep your body healthy. Consuming less salty, sugary and fatty foods also prevents kidney problems. Too much salt consumption build fluid in the body increases blood pressure and can damage your kidney. Avoid eating package and processed food as they are high in sodium and phosphorus which adversely affect your kidney.

3. Reduce overweight-

Being obese is a big risk factor for kidney problem. Overweight increases your blood pressure which is bad for the kidney. It is also recommended to check your blood pressure regularly to prevent heart and kidney problem.

4. Quit smoking and drinking-

Smoking or drinking is the major risk factor for high blood pressure. According to health professionals, high blood pressure raises your chance of getting kidney problem.


5. Cut down your protein and fat consumption-

Cutting down your protein and fat consumption would surely reduce development of kidney problems. Excessive consumption of red meat, saturated fats, butter, ghee, cheese, oil are bad for health and increases your risk.

Consult your doctor right away if you experience any symptoms or have any concerns about your kidney health.



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