Follow These Safety Tips To Play Safe And Healthy Holi

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Finally the much awaited festival is just around the corner. Holi, a festival of color, fun and laughter brings family together and fills atmosphere with love and warmth but it can also lead to unpleasant and stressful events if not played carefully. The festival of color can turn fun and laughter into worst nightmare for some people who are more vulnerable to allergic reactions. The Holi festival, if played with cheap, synthetic or toxic chemicals may damage your skin, hair as well as affect your kidney. 

People with lungs problem should take extra care as the synthetic and toxic chemicals may also trigger asthma. Getting drenched in colors can cause skin rashes, itching, eczema, dryness, eye allergies, and skin and hair discoloration. So in the midst of fun and happiness we should not forget the consequences it can cause on our health. We should not compromise our health on the sake of enjoyment.

Follow these safety tips to avoid stressful events and unpleasant situation-
1)Protect your skin from harmful chemicals-Your skin is the most delicate and sensitive organ of the body. So it is extremely important for you to be extra vigilant about your skin during Holi. Avoid synthetic and toxic colors as it may permanent damage your soft skin, can cause severe complexities such as irritation, dryness, skin discoloration, eczema, etc. Avoid playing Holi with silver or bright colors as they contains lead, mercury, aluminum, copper ,etc which may cause severe skin issues.

2)Use Herbal Products- Herbal products are packed with turmeric, flowers and herbal colors. It is easy and affordable to make colors at home. It prevents from skin problems and others health issues. If you cannot make colors at home, try to purchase branded color from market. 

3)Use Moisturizer and lotions- Do not forget to apply moisturizer and lotions before stepping out to play Holi. Moisturizer and lotions keep your skin soft and prevent skin rashes, dryness and other allergies.

4)Wear Sunglasses- Your eyes are sensitive and delicate part of your body. Due to negligence and carelessness toxic chemicals can cause serious problems to your eyes. So it is recommended you to wear sunglasses to prevent complications. Wash eyes too frequently while playing Holi. If you wear contact lenses then remove it before going out to play Holi.

5)Avoid Dry Color- Dry color can trigger various lungs problems. It can cause shortness of breath and asthma. So avoid using dry colors if you have pulmonary problems. 

6)Avoid Eating Too Much- Holi is a festival of family gathering and delicious foods.People usually tend to eat too much when it comes to gathering. Eating too much can cause various gastro problems and may trigger your diabetes. So it is advised to eat in a limit and hydrate your body as much as possible.Play Safe and Healthy Holi!

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