Follow These Simple Tips To Prevent Flu And Boost Immune System

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Flu season is back with the change in weather and you might be looking for the ways to avoid or cure infection. As the weather changes and air gets warmer, people with weakened immunity system get easily caught with flu infection. The unpleasant and troublesome seasonal flu caused by a virus seem to affect nose, throat and lungs and make you sick. The seasonal flu can infect your respiratory system and may cause symptoms like- coughing, sneezing, chest congestion and headache. 
You might also experience muscle pain, high fever, weakness and tiredness. Sometimes simple flu may lead to severe complications like pneumonia. The good thing is that you can safeguard yourself from various infections by strengthening your immune system. Having strong immune system highly lessens your chances of getting infected with flu and prevents from foreign invaders. 
Luckily, you can highly reduce your chances of contracting flu with the consumption of immunity-boosting foods.  There are many healthy foods you can add to your diet to build and maintain immunity. 
Listing some home remedies that can soothe your discomfort and fight from sickness. 
1) Stay Hydrated- When people become sick, they usually forget to drink enough water and that may aggravate their condition. Staying hydrated helps you flush out bacteria, viruses, and other toxics chemicals from the body and lower your chances of getting infection. It helps improve oxygen flow to the lungs, brain and muscles and keep your body fresh and energetic. Dehydrated body can cause symptoms like fever, headache and muscle pain. So ensure you drink enough water to fight off flu and infection.
2)  Consume Garlic- Raw garlic helps you boost your immune system. Its organic and anti-oxidant properties help you avert your illness. Its anti- microbial properties prevent infections and flush out toxins from the body. It fight offs bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites and decrease your chances of getting flu.
3) Get Some Sunshine- Sunshine aka vitamin D can strengthen your immune system. Vitamin D deficiency can put people at risk of getting infection and flu. Though vitamin D can be found in some foods such as fish, cheese, egg yolks, beef liver but in small amount only. So it is recommended you to spend some time under the sky to get some sunshine.
4) Eat Ginger- Ginger is considered as a miracle medicine to treat flu. Its anti- oxidant and anti- microbial properties flush out toxins and harmful bacteria, virus and parasite from the body. Ginger is effective medicine for throat problem, runny nose, vomiting and nausea. Ginger when mixed with lemon and honey treats flu patients more effectively.
5) Fennel-
Fennel seeds are highly effective in treating congestion, cough and flu problems. Its anti-oxidant property strengthens your immune system and fights with infections. Its anti-bacterial property safeguard from respiratory tract infection and sinus problem.
"Stay Informed,Stay Healthy"

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