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Arthritis has become an unfortunate and unwanted reality among the people nowadays. It has affected billions of people worldwide and still affecting nearly 350 millions of the people every year. It has become number one cause of disability all over the world. Experts are still not sure that what actually causes it, but have suspected various factors. These factors include overweight or obesity, autoimmune diseases, family history, trauma or injury or overexertion. People with arthritis usually experience symptoms like joint pain which may vary from person to person, inflammation and swelling, stiff joints, fluid retention, decreased range of motion and lack of flexibility. 

So, in case if you have started experiencing these above-mentioned symptoms. If you have started observing more stiffness just after waking up in the morning. If it has become extremely difficult for you to get up from your chair or bed. If your knees hurt while climbing up the stairs, if your stiffness increases when standing or sitting in one position for long period, then your body might have developed arthritis. Arthritis can also lead severe complications so it is important to know the root causes and the ways to prevent it. And, unfortunately, if you have got arthritis, know the healthy ways to recover it.

By following these ways you can avoid the risk of getting arthritis. 

1.Maintain a Healthy Weight- Over weight or obesity can greatly contribute to the development of arthritis. Extra fats put extra strains on joints and can partially damage it. It may worsen your condition so it is important to maintain an ideal weight to prevent risk.

2.Take care of Your Diet-Your diet plays a special role in keeping your bone healthy. Add foods that are rich in omega -3, calcium, sulfur, vitamin c, vitamin A, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Vegetables, fruits, fish, grains, flax seeds, eggs, chia seeds, walnuts contain required amounts of nutrients so it is advised to add these foods to your plate.

3.Stay Physically Active- Sedentary lifestyle increases your chance of getting arthritis. It makes your body part and joint stiff and less flexible. So it is important to stay active and fit. Be physically active and perform an exercise to keep your muscles and joints flexible. Stretch your body as it provides an improved range of motion.

4.Add more ginger and turmeric to your plate-Ginger and turmeric have been linked to anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have linked them with anti-arthritic effect with improved overall health.

5.Avoid consuming excess sugar-Excess sugar causes inflammation and may worsen your symptoms.It also increases your chances of getting autoimmune diseases that may lead to arthritis.


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