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Majority of people suffer from nagging pain that can be due to their medical conditions like arthritis, gout, migraine, food allergies or sensitivities. This debilitating pain may last longer for days, weeks, months or even years and may adversely affect every aspect of your day to day life. This chronic pain can cause stress and frustration and may also lead to feeling of hopelessness and depression. So unfortunately, if you are one of them who opt for the solutions such as medication or creams for temporary relief without knowing the root cause of the problem, then you really need to be aware of certain things that can trigger your pain. These things can be your unhealthy diet or your sedentary lifestyle. You should also know that foods in your plate can highly impact the severity of your pain. So let’s know the easiest ways to decrease the pain instead of opting medicines.
You should be aware of the foods that are highly associated with increased inflammation and intense pain. By taking control of your diet you can reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
Red Meat-
Researchers have concluded that, by limiting your meat consumption you can greatly reduce your chances of developing diseases. Eating red meats has been also linked to increased inflammation and chronic pain. If you have medical conditions like gout, arthritis then you are recommended to reduce your meat consumption.
According to a study it has been found that discontinuing caffeine consumption can be highly effective in treating migraine. Excessive consumption of caffeine also put people at risk of rheumatoid arthritis. It increases inflammation and may lead to bone deformity or disability.
Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to inflammation. Sugar develops medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Cut down your consumption of sugar to decrease your risk. Eat less candies, processed foods and bakery products.
Alcohol and Tobacco-
Alcohol can adversely affect your joints. According to a study people who consume alcohol are at great risk of developing bone related problem such as arthritis and gout. It is recommended to cut back your alcohol consumption to lead healthy life.
Dairy Products- 
Though there are some controversies associated with dairy products. Some researchers have found out that some of the dairy products trigger inflammation and cause pain in people with arthritis.While others recommend to consume dairy products.So it is essential for you to keep eyes on the foods you consume to know which foods trigger your pain and increase inflammation."Stay Healthy,Stay Fit."

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