Habits that Cause Cancer

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We hardly realize that nothing but our lifestyle –our way of living leads us towards chronic diseases. In this fast paced world, it actually becomes difficult to know the root cause of many health problems. Talking on the topic of cancer, we only know the basic habits and not aware of the many things that can lead to cancer.



Here are the things you ought to know that cause cancer.


Sitting for long hours-  According to a research conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research, it has been concluded that sitting for long hours increases the chances of cancer. It has been proved that sitting for long hours, hence reducing physical activity, increases the risk to develop inflammation in internal organs that may lead to cancer.



Talcum Powder- As compared to men, women usually tend to use talcum powder, sometimes on a daily basis, on the perineal area. According to a study, it is advisable not to use too much of talcum powder on the perineal area as it increases the risk of ovarian cancer. 


Working In Night Shifts- This is a shocking truth which you should know. Working in night shifts, disturbances in sleep cycles, lifestyle changes increases the risk of breast cancer in women. A surveyed has carried out on 2000 women, it was found that women who worked in night shifts for over two months had an increased risk of developing the disease. Lack of Vitamin D too is a leading contributor.




Sleeping Near To Your Cell Phone- This certainly is one of those daily habits that is the reasons that lead to cancer. The main conclusion was that keeping your cell phone close to you when you sleep can lead to cancer due to an emission of radiation. It increases the risk of breast cancer and brain tumors over time. So make sure you avoid this habit that can lead to cancer.


Processed Foods- Surely they taste good. But they're no good if you wish to stay away from the cancer radar. Processed foods, with the number of preservatives they contain, can without a doubt lead to cancer.






Make sure you give up this rather harmless habit that causes cancer.


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